Curriculum and Specializations

The Evening MBA is a self-paced MBA, where students determine how many classes they take each semester. Students can also select a specialization or obtain a general MBA.

See the university catalog for class descriptions.

First year core classes: ACCT 500,  FIN 501, HRM 652, IS 601, IS 602, MGMT 500, MKTG 500.  Some of these classes may be waived.  Contact the graduate program coordinator for details.

Second year core classes: ACCT 610, FIN 600, MGMT 647, MKTG 661.  None of these classes can be waived.

Advanced study classes: Select at least three classes in one area to obtain a specialization. The following specializations are available; click on each to learn more. Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Management, Human Resources Management, Health Care Administration, Hospitality Management, Recreation and Leisure Studies, and Health Science.

Note:  All electives must come from the above listed specializations.

GBA 699: Integrated Analyses. This is the culminating experience of the program.

This comprehensive course serves as the required terminal examination for College of Business Administration graduate candidates. A project is required. This course provides for the study of a wide range of business problems and formulation of solutions to them. The object of this course is to assess student skills in integrating knowledge from all functional areas of business and applying them to complex business problems arising out of changing technology, competitive market conditions, social changes, and governmental actions.