Alumni Voices- Daytime Accelerated MBA

Read what our alumni say about the program!

Kyle Aguilar, AMBA 11

Residential Loan Servicing Specialist, Banc of California

smiling young man standing in front of building"The Accelerated MBA program at CSULB provided the educational setting and professional opportunities necessary to be successful in my current position at Banc of California. I definitely made the right decision...GO BEACH!"

Fidji Nicar, AMBA 11

Marketing Manager, College-Concierge

headshot of smiling young woman “I had a great MBA experience at CSULB!  I am a chemist turned Marketing Manager, and the transition was due to all the things I learned from my MBA program. Marketing was outside my comfort zone at first, but became extremely interesting. I am now connected with a start-up company called College-Concierge, and am helping the company grow through their marketing efforts.”

Erica DeLoera, AMBA 10

Smiling young woman in business suit Sales and Customer Service at Batliner Recycling (Pioneer Industries International)

"Being part of the Accelerated MBA program at CSULB was a life-changing experience. During my time at CSULB, I learned to work with peers from all over the globe in fast-paced real-world environments. I was able to land a career right after graduation and was told that my MBA set me apart from other candidates.”

Diana Carranza, AMBA 11

Young womanHR Generalist at Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading deep-cycle battery manufacturer

“The Daytime Accelerated MBA program at CSULB was the perfect program to help me establish myself as a professional. I was able to create lasting relationships with professionals throughout the MBA program, which helped my professional growth. The program was excellent in providing me with a diverse and comprehensive set of knowledge that I now utilize in in my organization. In addition to my professional development, the CSULB MBA program helped me gain an array of soft skills that have had a positive impact on my interpersonal relationships. I'm glad I made the decision to pursue my MBA and am appreciative of all the opportunities it has rendered.”