International Trip

The Daytime Accelerated MBA includes a one-week trip. To prepare for the trip, student teams spend class time leading up to the trip researching specific industries, cultural characteristics, and political events relevant to international business in the region. During the trip students engage in lively case discussions on topics ranging from the financial crisis to entrepreneurial activities.

Students from the Daytime Accelerated MBA program have journeyed to Rome, Italy, and to Spain and Portugal in 2014, to visit and analyze international companies in various industries, such as cloud computing, fashion and jewelry merchandising, consulting, autombile tires, and wine and olive oil manufacturing.

After site visits, the students developed a set of ideas and recommendations of how the companies could expand their operations into different markets or products based on their analyses. This final portion of their work was included in the report to link their secondary research with their primary research and experiences.

Guidelines for International Trip


Daytime Accelerated MBA Students (cohort 6) learn about vineyard operations at Tabarrini Vineyards


Daytime Accelerated Students (cohort 8) in the hotel lobby


What a great experience: students are learning how to make pasta in Italy!