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Daytime Accelerated MBA Cost

Program Funding

The Daytime Accelerated MBA is a financially self-supported, unsubsidized program that is not funded or supported by state tax revenue. If you are planning to use a Veterans Fee Waiver, or any other type of fee waiver, please contact the program manager.

Daytime Accelerated MBA Program Costs

The cost for the Daytime Accelerated MBA is $875 per unit, or $2,625 for a three-unit class.  The total cost for the 48 unit Program is $42,000. All fees and costs are subject to change without notice. The cost includes tuition, books and materials, parking, and one meal on the days classes are held. The program also pays for the landed costs of the international trip. Students are responsible for airline tickets to and from the destination as well as ground transportation to and from the airport to the hotel, and their personal expenses.

Financial Aid

Effective with the admission cycle for 2013, the AMBA program has been designated a summer early entrant program in order to allow students to maximize the amount of financial aid available for the duration of the program. This approach allows AMBA students to be considered for Federal student loans for their initial summer, fall, spring and final summer quarters.

FAFSA Application Process

The AMBA program spans two aid years, thus requiring FAFSA’s and additional documentation to be submitted for each year by the appropriate deadline. Students must also complete a “Summer Loan Request” form to initiate loan awarding during the two summer terms.

Summer (1st year)

Fall and Spring

  • FAFSA Application – Available online at www.fafsa.gov This FAFSA must be submitted no later than June 1.

Summer (2nd year)

  • Summer loan request form, available from the Office of Financial Aid which must be submitted not later than May 1.