Transfer Credit; Withdrawal, Late Registration, Course Substitution, & Directed Study Petitions

Transfer Credit

  1. Go to the Center for Student Success, CBA 100 [Phone: (562) 985-4514].
  2. To determine if a course taken at another college or university meets a lower division course requirement for the business major: Check the Articulation Grid and

Withdrawal/Drop Request

  1. Download the Withdrawal Petition form from Enrollment Services (PDF).
  2. Complete the form, following all instructions.
  3. Obtain the instructor's signature and the Department of Marketing Chair's signature.
  4. Return forms to Brotman Hall 101.

Late Registration Request

  1. Download the Late Registration Request form.
  2. Complete the form, following all instructions.
  3. Obtain all required signatures.
  4. Present the form, in person, to Enrollment Services, Brotman Hall 101 before the registration deadline.

Course Petition or Substitution [Upper Division Major Courses]

Marketing Majors and MINORS

  1. The Center for Student Success, CBA 100. provides an online forms to request reviews for course substitution or permits.
  2. Check the Articulation Grid and to determine if transfer agreements have been already determined.
  3. Use the correct online form : CBA Center for Student Success : Forms. Petition for Substitution / Equivalency. or Permit Request.
  4. The online form will email notify on submittal and when status is determined. So make sure to use a valid email.

Independent/Directed Studies

  1. Get the "Agreement for Independent Study Course" form from the Department of Marketing, CBA 337, or you can download it (Undergraduate, Graduate).
  2. Find a Marketing Faculty member who would be interested in working with you.
  3. Get the Faculty member's signature.
  4. Return the form to the Department of Marketing, CBA 337, and obtain your own copy of the agreement.

If the student is a Marketing major and he/she wants to substitute a MKTG497 for a course required for his/her option, he/she needs to file a "Petition for Substitution". These are handled the same way as the other petitions for majors. Registration for MKTG497 is limited to "Permission of Department". Therefore, before a student can enroll via MyCSULB, the Department of Marketing Coordinator needs to use online forms with the Center for Student Success so they can "authorize" the student after the online form process has been approved.