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Six CSULB Students Compete in L’Oreal US National Finals Annual Global Business Competition

L'Oreal Competition 2017

Each year 15,000 students participate in Brandstorm, L’Oreal’s innovation competition that challenges students to create change for one of their top brands. The 2017 challenge focused on disrupting the men’s grooming category with a life-changing innovation.Eight teams from the US made it to the national finals, held in New York City on April 7th, 2017, including two teams from CSULB that were mentored by Department of Marketing faculty. Other school teams represented Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Babson College, Drexel University, UT Austin, Howard University. Team La Révolution mentored by Cindy Scott with CSULB students Georgina Zeng, Tomas Castro, and Monica Liu, proposed a Men's Expert Starter Kit and Loyalty App.The Long Beach Experts, mentored by Kierstin Stickney with CSULB studentsBennett Vierhus,Annie Georgieva, andMariah Darlene, proposed a 2-in-one dry shampoo for men.Although neither CSULB team advanced to the world finals, our CSULB students did an outstanding job presenting to the CEO and executive staff of L’Oreal Paris.

Department of Marketing Recognized for Student Success Efforts

The Department of Marketing has been recognized by the Office of Academic Affairs for both “High Achievement in Student Success” and “Improvement in Student Success” (April 2014). The Department is one of 12 departments across campus recognized for its (1) high graduation rates and (2) large retention rates for native and transfer students.  These student success outcomes were made possible in part because of how the department schedules courses to help student graduation. In addition, the Department’s graduation rate is higher than that of the University, the College, or other CBA departments. By winning both awards, the Department will receive $20,000.

American Marketing Association Wins Awards at Annual Conference

AMA Students

Our AMA Club Rocks Again!

The 34th Annual International Collegiate American Marketing Association Conference was held in New Orleans LA. The AMA Conference is one of the best investments a student can make as an aspiring marketer. The Collegiate Conference is particularly helpful as students set out into the world where the career landscape is shifting dramatically, and new tools for marketing are changing the marketers do business. As the American Marketing Association has evolved over 75 years, the theme of the 34th Conference was Marketing: Always Evolving.

Speakers that presented ranged from: YouTube/Google, McDonald's, Harrah's, Carnival Cruise Lines, Enterprise, Miami Heat, Nielsen Company, Barcardi, and Northwestern Mutual. Topic ranged from social media, to landing a career in marketing.  Record attendance marks were set with 1,181 students, 108 Faculty, 142 different Universities from the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Our team came away with the following awards: Outstanding Chapter Planning, Outstanding Professional Development, Honorable Mention for Marketing Week, Honorable Mentions for Chapter Website, 3rd Place for best use of conference theme, Honorable Mentions for AMA Saves Lives on Facebook Postings in Fall & Spring, Honorable Mentions for AMA Saves Lives Video and 3rd place for most video views for AMA Saves Lives.

Special Issue on Vietnam in Journal of Macromarketing showcases Department of Marketing Faculty

In March 2012, the Journal of Macromarketing (Sage) published a special issue on Vietnam.  Guest edited by Clifford J. Shultz II (Loyola University Chicago), this issue includes two articles by CBA Marketing faculty.

The first article, “The Dark Side of Development in Vietnam: Lessons from the Killing of the Thi Vai River,” is written by Hieu P. Nguyen (Marketing - CSULB) and Huyen T. Pham (National Economics University, Hanoi). The quest for fast economic growth in developing countries can result in loosened regulation over the operations of foreign investors, which may potentially lead to large-scale environmental degradation with profound adverse impact on the livelihood of local people. In light of a high-profile scandal involving Vedan, a Taiwanese company operating in Vietnam caught redhanded in the poisoning of the Thi Vai River, the authors discuss the roles of stakeholders and provide recommendations for effective regulation and supervision of foreign investors operating in developing economies.

The second article, “Vietnamese Weddings: From Marx to Market,” by Thuc-Doan T. Nguyen (Marketing - CSULB) and Russell Belk (York University) is part of her dissertation project. The article explores the impact of changes in public policies on marketing and consumption of weddings in Vietnam during the country’s transition to a market economy. The authors show that weddings provide an excellent reflection of a changing present in a market economy. This article provides international marketers with insights into the broader marketing system of Vietnam through aspects of marketing and consumer behavior associated with the wedding ritual.

Terrence H. Witkowski (Marketing - CSULB) is the journal’s Editor-in-Chief.  Copies of the articles can be found at:


Professor Homer wins the University Achievement Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentor for Student Engagement

Professor Pamela Miles Homer was nominated and won the University Achievement Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentor for Student Engagement in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity. She has been the Director of the CBA Honors Program since its inception eight years ago.  Dr. Homer has lead this program single-handedly and spent most of her effort and time mentoring the students with great success. Dr. Homer was either the primary mentor or worked very closely with students and selected faculty mentors to ensure that the students’ successfully completed their theses and graduated on time.  She has worked tirelessly to teach students the research process including the basics of developing research ideas and hypotheses, designing studies, collecting data, analyzing the data, and organizing the information into a thesis.  This was not the final step for Dr. Homer.  She then provided the support and guidance that the students needed to position themselves for graduate school and/or the job market.  In addition, some of these students earned prestigious awards for their Honors theses.  Some examples of the successes of these students related to their theses include Ronnie Bernard who took 2nd place at the 24th Annual CSULB Student Research Competition and Binh Tran who took 1st place at the 24th Annual CSULB Student Research Competition and 2nd place at the CSU Statewide Competition. Professor Homer was honored on Tuesday, April 26th at the Pointe in the Pyramid. 

American Marketing Association Wins Awards at Annual Conference

American Marketing Association Students
AMA Executive Board and Professor Tomlin in New Orleans

On March 24-26, the Cal State University Long Beach chapter of the American Marketing Association attended the 33rd AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. A network of over 1000 students and their faculty advisors gathered to learn about career paths within the marketing field from representatives from top companies and celebrate their AMA chapters and accomplishments.

CSULB AMA received the following awards for 2010-2011

  • Outstanding Chapter Planning
  • Outstanding Communications
  • Outstanding Professional Development
  • Honorable Mention for Marketing Week

Their success is attributed to their strong executive board, committee members, faculty advisor Professor Tomlin, parents, and all who offered support.

Getting High School Students Excited about Marketing as a Career

The Marketing Department hosted a group of freshmen students from Cabrillo High School in conjunction with Corion Lucas (University Outreach Specialist). The visit was designed around the premise that ninth graders can learn about what the field of marketing offers their target segment of consumers.  Dr. Ingrid Martin, Dr. Sayantani Mukherjee, Dr. Hieu Nguyen, and Dr. Tianjiao Qiu with the help of Ms. Raquel Porter (ASC, Marketing) put together a program that immersed these students in marketing. 

The program started off with a welcome from Associate Dean Benli.  Then we discussed how marketing is all around us and the intentions of marketers when they put together various strategies to communicate with teens.  Students were put into teams of four to engage in a set of exercises. Dr. Mukherjee introduced the concepts of celebrity endorsements and product placement in music videos.  Students did a matching of brands with music celebrities with the winning team getting CSULB t-shirts.  This was followed by a video “Merchants of Cool” as Dr. Qiu showed students how marketers use various research strategies to learn about teens.  Then Dr. Nguyen gave the students the challenge to put what they had learned into practice by designing a new product – a candy bar . The student teams presented their creative and marketing strategies for their new candy bar ideas and  the winning team received CSULB baseball caps. 

Our goal was not to educate the students in the curriculum of the CBA and the Marketing program but instead it was to get students excited about going to college and about marketing.  After the students left the CBA they saw the Sun Drop soda street team with its car wrapped in the Sun Drop logo playing hip hop music.  The students were given free sodas while marketing representatives of Sun Drop were filming the students drinking their free samples.  This provided a real world experience for the students to see how marketing works all around them.