Minor in Marketing (code MKTGUM01)

This option establishes that marketing is largely a social process, emphasing that enterprises meet the needs of individuals or segments of society. The function of marketing is to determine those needs, provide the most effective means of informing actual and potential customers of the availability of services and goods, and deliver such services and goods.


The most reliable source of requirements and course descriptions:

Requirements for MINORS (as of March 2016)

For Non-Business Students only (NOTE: the IS 301 prerequisite requirement is waived for the minor).

Take the following course:

Number Description
MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing [CBA core course]

Select 15 units from the following courses:

Number Description
MKTG 310 Mass Marketing & Communications: Advertising
MKTG 330 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Marketing
MKTG 350 Green Marketing and Sustainability
MKTG 405  Services Marketing (MKTG 300)*
MKTG 410 Sales Management (MKTG 300)*
MKTG 420 Retail Concepts and Policies
MKTG 430 Promotion Strategies (MKTG 300)*
MKTG 437 Digital Marketing & Media (MKTG 300)*
MKTG 465 Business to Business Marketing (MKTG 300)*
MKTG 470 Marketing Research (MKTG 300, IS 310)*
MKTG 480 International Marketing (MKTG 300)*
MKTG 481 Special Topics in International Marketing (MKTG 300)*
MKTG 490 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 492 New Product, New Service (MKTG 300)*
MKTG 494 Marketing Management
MKTG 495 Special Topics in Marketing (3.0 GPA in Marketing)*

The following two courses may be selected, as approved by the Department Chair:

Number Description
CBA 300 International Business
CBA 493  Business Internship (Instructor consent)


Number Description
MKTG 300 is a prerequisite for :MKTG 410, MKTG 420, MKTG 430, MKTG 437, MKTG 465, MKTG 470, MKTG 480, MKTG 481, MKTG 490, MKTG 492, and MKTG 494.
IS 310 is a prerequisite for MKTG 470

For information on the Minor in Marketing, contact Dr. Sam Min in CBA 353 or via email sam.min@csulb.edu.