Faculty Resources

Academic Integrity

Faculty must complete the Academic Integrity Form when a student violates the Cheating and Plagiarism Policy (Academic Senate 08-02). The use of Turnitin via Beachboard facilitates the detection of plagiarism by students on written assignments (e.g., projects, papers, essays).

Acceptable Use of CSULB Electronic Systems & Services

Review details of the University policies regarding usage of CSULB electronic communication systems and services, including email. For more information, click here.

Course Syllabi and Standard Course Outline (SCO) Policies

Faculty must comply with the latest Academic Senate Policy on the minimum information that needs to be included in SCOs and course syllabi. The Department approved the following addition to the SCO requirement (May 9, 2014):

All course syllabi shall conform to the relevant SCO for the course. In addition, all course syllabi must include a list of topics to be covered along with a time schedule that includes the dates each topic will be covered and dates for all assessment activities. As noted in the University Guidelines for course syllabi, if some of the information is subject to change, that should be noted in the syllabus (e.g., due dates, exam dates).

Academic Affairs offers help to faculty planning their semesters, including syllabi policies. Please go to the CBA  Marketing Faculty BB organization to download all current course SCOs. These are also accessible on the CBA Accreditation website.

Department Committee Memberships

Download the Department of Marketing current CBA & Marketing Committee assignments (Excel format).

Department RTP Document

RTP candidates should use the Department of Marketing RTP Document as a guide in preparing their various review files (e.g., Retention, Tenure). This document is also used by RTP committees in evaluating candidates.

Human Subject Pool

Researchers interested in using the Department of Marketing Human Subject Pool should consult the Experimenter Guidelines.

IRB Applications

All research studies performed by CSULB faculty that utilize human subjects must be approved by the University IRB. IRB applcations and renewals must be submitted via the IRBNet. Registration is required.

Scheduling Process

The Department of Marketing Scheduling Process is as follows:

  1. Once the final schedule of large sections is available for MKTG 300, 310, and 330, information about number of sections, days of the week, and the assigned days/evenings will be sent via email. At the same time, faculty will also receive a form requesting their preferences for that semester. Download the Teaching Preferences form.
  2. Faculty preferences will be solicited via email.
  3. Adjustments to the number of sections, days/times, section size, classrooms, etc., for all small sections is an ongoing process until the beginning of the respective semester given the uncertainty around enrollment numbers.
  4. Consideration will be made for faculty who teach non-marketing courses (e.g., CBA 300, GBA 699) so that their marketing courses fit with their non-marketing courses within their preferences. This involves communication with the Director of the International Business program and the MBA Director as well as the MBA Program Manager, Paula Glockner.
  5. Once all faculty preferences are received, a tentative schedule will be formed. Another email will be sent that informs each faculty of their “tentative” schedule and requests feedback if there are any issues or problems. 
  6. Problems in terms of days of the week, times of day/night, etc. will be worked out with the individual faculty to adjust the scheduling puzzle. 
  7. As student enrollment begins, faculty will be sent regular updates in an Excel spreadsheet that tracks enrollment by section. This will allow each faculty to see how student enrollment builds up in each of their courses.
  8. Download the above scheduling process information with additional advisory notes (Word format), and the Teaching Preferences form.

Travel Requests

Here is the link for the NEW Travel Request Form. You should follow the instructions on the web page and if you have any questions, Raquel can help you. Note that the Department Reference Number, Chartfield, and Appropriate Administrator name are not required fields. You may leave those items blank.

Voting Procedures

Download current Voting Procedures document.