OAL & Computer Classroom Saving Files Procedures

Saving your files - protect your work at all times by making frequent back-ups

As a general rule, save your files every 10 minutes.

All OAL and Computer Classroom desktop computers have front and rear mounted USB ports and CD-RW disk burners. We recommend that you save your files to the following media:

  1. USB Memory Stick
  2. Burn them to a CD

All of our computers have special protective software installed called Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze allows for special short-term limited file saving situations on our Desktop Computers.

There are 2 ways to save files on our Desktop computers:

  1. There is a special "T"-drive icon on each Desktop. Files can be temporarily saved to the "T" drive for several days or even weeks, however, the "T" drive is unsecured. Other users of the Desktop computer can view and erase "T" drive files.
  2. Files stored on the regular Desktop "C" drive will be automatically deleted the next time the Desktop is re-booted. Re-boots occur at least once per day.

Again, we strongly urge that you keep your files on a USB Memory Stick or CD.