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CBA Computer Classroom Scheduling Procedure

In order to support faculty and staff in the CBA, a formal computer classroom scheduling procedure for the scheduling of the CBA Computer Classrooms CBA-236, CBA-237A, CBA-237B and CBA-240 is needed. This will provide everyone with a consistent framework for scheduling computer classrooms requested.

  1. CBA Computer Classrooms are requested by filling out the online “Click”  IT Computer Classrooms & Dean’s Conference Room Reservations Request.  Since it is difficult to track other requests, verbal and other written requests cannot be honored for classroom reservations or changes.
  2. Special room requirements i.e. “Certain courses must always be scheduled in a certain computer classroom”  should be provided to the IT Department in writing and approved by the Dean. A permanent list of such courses will be kept on file in IT and should be mentioned as part of each IT Computer Classrooms & Dean’s Conference Room Reservations Request as a “double check.”
  3. For the Fall and Spring semesters, the four CBA Computer Classrooms can be scheduled, in advance, by CBA Departments only after  Phase I begins as formally established by Enrollment Services/Academic Support.  This date is established many months prior to the next Fall or Spring Semester and all Department Chairs are advised of the Phase I date.
  4. During the period between Phase I and Phase II is the conflict resolution period. Computer classroom conflicts will be resolved by the following order, in consultation with the instructors involved.
    1. Department ASC’s
    2. Department Chairs
    3. CBA Dean
  5. The CBA IT Department will confirm all resolved IT Computer Classrooms & Dean’s Conference Room Reservations Requests on the official Phase II start date.
  6. All fulfilled reservation requests will be confirmed with a follow up email from the CBA IT Department confirming requested dates, times and assigned rooms. It is recommended that all confirmations be “double checked” by the requestor, at the time of receipt,  to verify the requestor’s scheduled dates and times have been scheduled as requested.
  7. Future Fall and Spring semester reservation requests can be submitted anytime, but not officially scheduled until the Phase II date is formally established by Enrollment Services/Academic Support and is published.
  8. The Winter Semester and three Summer semester computer classroom requests can be made anytime for future semesters by CBA and non-CBA department requestors.
  9. Each CBA Department ASC has access to the “Office Tracker” program used for the scheduling. The purpose of this access is to provide the Department Chair and Faculty members access to review computer classroom availability before submitting the online form IT Computer Classrooms & Dean’s Conference Room Reservations Request.
  10. New scheduling requests for CBA computer classrooms can be made anytime during the “current semester” by any CBA or Non-CBA department. It is suggested that room availability be reviewed with the Department ASC prior to submitting the online form IT Computer Classrooms & Dean’s Conference Room Reservations Request.
  11. Requests from non-CBA departments for CBA computer classrooms during the Fall and Spring semesters will be held until two weeks prior to the start of those semesters and then scheduled on a FCFS basis.