Rules & Regulations

No Food or Drinks Allowed Please, No Food , No Beverages, No Water bottles and/or other beverage containers are permitted in the OAL, or in the computer classrooms. Spilled beverages constitute a potential safety hazard due to the electrical outlets located in the floor under the computer workstations. Additionally, spilled beverages and food particles shorten the life of computer equipment, stain the carpeting (which results in additional custodial charges to the CBA), and attracts ants and other pests. Please refrain from bringing any food or beverages into the CBA Instructional Technology Department (a.k.a., CBA Computing Center ).

For Safety Reasons: No Bicycles, No Scooters, No Skateboards

Please use technology wisely. The technology available to you has been provided by the California State University System and the California Lottery. You are responsible for your ethical and professional CSULB CBA computer use and will be held accountable for any problems associated with it. A small percentage of individuals deliberately ignore the law or University policies and get into trouble. However, most people get into trouble through ignorance; they don't realize they are doing something illegal or harmful.

Our experience has shown the following areas to be the most troublesome:

Copyright. It's very easy to copy and use files from the Web and other sources, and some people maintain that it doesn't hurt anyone to download and share songs, movies, and other files. However, unauthorized copying and sharing of copyrighted works deprives artists and publishers of a fair return on their works.

If you use copyrighted materials (such as text, photographs, images, video, or audio files) you must have permission from the copyright holder. Photographs require signed photograph clearances. Always ask permission from the author if you would like to use information or images you find on the Web. When in doubt, get written permission.

CBA OAL and CLassroom Download Policy. Please be advised that any user caught downloading large files that are not CBA course assignment related (i.e. movies, videos, songs etc) will be subject to disciplinary action per CSULB Policies. Examples of programs that are prohibited from use in the OAL are KaZaa and BitTorrent and in general, any peer to peer file sharing programs. Downloading the files mantioned above degrades CSULB internet bandwidth standards for course work and infringes on other students rights.

Illegal Software. You are responsible for making sure that all of the software on your computer is legal. In terms of copyright, there are four broad classifications of software: commercial, shareware, freeware, and public domain. The restrictions and limitations regarding each classification are different. See the Guide to the Ethical and Legal Use of Software for Members of the Academic Community.

Campus Computing Policy

Please contact us for support and help.

Evening Escorting Service

If you leave the CBA or OAL during the evening hours, CSULB has an Escorting Service available for you at 562-985-4101.