Printing Procedures and Costs

Please double-check your work with Print Preview before sending your job to the printer. Check margins, number of pages to be printed, specific pages to be printed, etc. Once you send the job to the printer you agree to pay for all pages printed.

The default printer is the black and white HP LaserJet 4350. To print to the color printer (Dell Color Laser Printer 5100cn) be sure to select the color printer in Print Setup of your application.

To obtain printouts from the CBA Computing Center's printers, a student must have an established Beach Account. To establish a Beach Account, take your current CSULB ID Card to any one of the three "Value Transfer Stations" located: in the Bookstore (2nd floor), the ID Card Services Office (southwest corner outside the Bookstore), or at the Copy Center in the Main Library.

Regular printing (e.g., black ink on 8-1/2 x 11" white paper) is $0.10 per page. Choose the CBA Lab Printer in your desired application (CBACC B&W or CBACC COLOR).

Color printing is available at $1.50 per page. Choose COLOR LASER PRINTER in your desired application.

At this time, the CBA Computing Center does not have the capability of handling special printing (e.g., transparencies, legal-size paper, letterhead stationery, etc.)