Operational Information for Faculty, Students, and Staff

Nupur Shah: 5-1755
Head of Instructional Technology
Ghul Cassim: 5-5618
Cory Clark: 5-7175
Sina LiHang: 5-7556
Front Desk/Help: 5-8193
Sivyu Chia: 5-5628

CBA Computer Technical Help

  • Contact CBA IT Front Desk for technical assistance and customer support ext. 5-8193.

CBA Classroom Digital Projector/Smart Panel Support (all CBA classrooms)

  • Contact CBA IT Front Desk for technical assistance and customer support ext. 5-8193.
  • It may be faster to get help by sending a student or coming to the CBA IT Front Desk inside CBA-243, to report a classroom problem.

CBA Computer Classroom Reservations

CBA Computer Classroom Reservations* for CBA-236, CBA-237A, CBA-237B, CBA-240 and the CBA Dean’s Conference Rooms –CBA -237C and CBA-200. The Dean’s Office approves reservation requests for CBA-237C and CBA-200.

  • CBA Computer Classroom Reservations link: http://www.csulb.edu/colleges/cba/reservation/
  • CBA Computer Classroom Reservations questions, please contact Sivyu Chia ext. 5-5628.
  • Computer Classroom reservations for future semesters are encouraged as we are expected to share our Computer Classrooms with the rest of the campus (per the Provost).

*Your department ASC has access to the master CBA Computer Classroom schedule via Office Tracker, you may want to check with them before filling out the on-line Reservation Request form.

CSULB Wireless

  • You should experience significant increases in wireless speed and wireless coverage around the campus if you use the “beachnet +” wireless versus “beachnet” wireless .

Elluminate - Real-time online classroom/meeting environment

  • Elluminate information
  • CBA Instructional Technology has some Elluminate headsets and can provide some first level technical support.

CBA IT Open Access Lab and Computer Classroom Software