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Message for Information Systems Minors

*** The followings are recommendations for students who are interested in IS Minor. For official program requirement, please visit Minor in IS ***

Choose what complements your major

Minor in Information Systems is a great advantage to your major. Depending on your major, you can select courses to complement your major.

Enhance your BUSINESS training –

You are already proficient in technical areas such as programming and database with a typical majors like Computer Science. The advantage of you to take an IS minor is for the business and project management knowledge. The following courses are recommended:

  • IS 300 Introduction to MIS (required)
  • IS 385 Systems Analysis and Design
  • IS 482 Enterprise Systems
  • IS 320 Quantitative Analysis
  • IS 470 Business Intelligence
  • IS 485 IS Project Management

Enhance your TECHNICAL skills –

You have expertise in your major area like Healthcare Administration, Science, or Liberal Arts. Seeking a Minor in Information Systems will add to your technical savvy which is highly desirable by all employers today! The following courses are highly recommended:

  • IS 300 Introduction to MIS (required)
  • IS 340 Business Programming
  • IS 380 Database
  • IS 385 Systems Analysis and Design

Then select 2 more courses according to your specialization and preference (see About IS).