Majed Muhtaseb

Part Time Lecturer, Finance (FIN)
Campus Phone: 562.985.2466
Office: COB-415 (Hours)

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), University of Tennessee, 1987
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Old Dominion University, 1983
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Univ. of North Carolina, 1981
    Major/Concentration: Business Admin
  • UC- Irvine & CFA Society of orange County CFA review Course (2017 - Present) Instructor & Subject Matter Expert
  • California State Polytechnic University (2014 - 2014) Acting Chair
  • CFA Society of Los Angeles (1996 - 1999) Director, Educational Programs
  • Consultant
  • College of Business Admin, Cal Poly Pomona (2018 - Present) Director
  • Professional
  • Cal Poly Pomona Philanthropic Foundation (2019 - Present) Member, Board of Directors
  • Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA) (2014 - 2016) Adviser for Research & Studies
  • Cal Poly Pomona Foundation (2006 - 2009) Member, Board of Directors
  • Fortune Asset Management (FAM) (2001 - 2002) Research Director
  • California State Polytechnic University (1988 - Present) Professor of Finance
  • "Fraud Against Hedge Funds: Implications to Operational Risk and Due Diligence", Journal of Financial Crime, Jan-2020
  • "Hedge fund manager fraud through PIPEs: Analysis of operational risk and the limits of law enforcement", Journal of Financial Crime, Jul-2018
  • "Challenges of Introducing Islamic Banking to the Global Financial Market", The International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting, Jul-2018
  • "A Two-Part Model for Mitigating Violations of Codes of Conduct: Analysis of a Case Study", Journal of Investing , May-2018
  • "National Football League faces hedge fund manager fraud: implications for professional associations and investors from the case of international management associates", The Journal of Investment Compliance, Sep-2015
  • "Hedge funds as victims of fraud! Due diligence implications for investors", International Symposium on Economic Crime , Sep-2019
  • "Young Professionals, Professional Conduct & Ethics", FUEL Innovation Leadership & Technology Conference , Jun-2019
  • "Professional Conduct and Ethical Codes are Good for Risk Management Practices", SMIFC Conference , Oct-2018
  • "Ethical Codes, Professional Conduct and Compliance Risk-in practice", International Symposium on Economic Crime , Sep-2018
  • "Fraud in the Hedge Fund Industry: Case Analyses", FMA Financial Management Association FMA (Annual Meeting) , Oct-2017
  • "Hedge Fund Industry Operational Risk and Due Diligence", International Symposium on Economic Crime , Sep-2017
  • "Member, Board of Directors" (Jan-2020) ,
  • "Director" (Jan-2020) ,
  • "Member, Board of Directors" (Dec-2019) , Cal Poly Pomona Philanthropic Foundation
  • "Director" (Jan-2019) ,
  • "Director" (Aug-2018) ,
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