General Policies

Internship is an arrangement whereby a student is registered for the Internship Course and is working as an intern for an approved employer. The employer is providing supervised training and professional level on-the-job learning experiences consisting of at least nine hours each week on the job and five 3-hour classroom sessions for a total of 150 hours per semester. The internship should run concurrently with the semester. Special conditions apply to summer and overseas internships. Internship credit will not be granted for past experiences or time working a previous part-time job. Prerequisites: Business major or minor, junior or senior standing and minimum 2.5 GPA.

The work done or a description of the field experience is not sufficient for academic credit. There must also be evidence of reflective analysis and interpretation of the experience which relates it to the basic theory in related areas. More specifically, students in this course must be able to connect different aspects of their internships with their prior academic preparations and to analyze, compare and evaluate these experiences. Students also need to demonstrate observation and recording skills, interpersonal communication skills, analytical skills, report writing skills and oral presentation skills.

College of Business Administration (CBA) Internship Director develops and approves Intern Employers and intern positions and works with the CBA Administration and the Career Development Center to develop, publicize and administer business internships.

An Intern Employer is an employer that is offering an internship opportunity that has been evaluated and approved by the Career Development Center Internship Director. Intern Employers must demonstrate the proposed internship involves enough substance to justify 3 credits. The work experience must provide the student with a professional level learning experience and should consist of both supervised training and on the job learning experiences. Jobs that merely require the student to perform clerical or routine tasks are not considered internships. Intern Employers may accept or reject any student who is referred by the College of Business Administration.

Internship Goals

  • Apply academic theory to actual working situations;
  • Develop insight into self-directed learning;
  • Gain new knowledge of expectations in an actual work environment by:
  • Performing tasks
  • Working on projects
  • Managing to deadlines
  • Being part of a team
  • Performing other OJT learning experiences related to a business discipline
  • Test a tentative career choice;
  • Learn from peers through discussion of internship experiences; and
  • Expand organizational and business skills through assigned readings and classroom participation.

It is assumed that Intern Employers, and not the CBA Internship Director, will conduct recruiting and screening activities. The CBA Internship Director’s role is to administer the CBA internship program, develop and publicize internship opportunities to CBA students and implement and maintain controls that will help assure a high quality program.

Learning Contract

Each student will develop a Learning Contract to be submitted to the Internship Director on the form provided. The Learning Contract will be an agreement between the student intern, the Intern Employer and the CBA Internship Director.

The contract will state:

  • The student's learning goals and objectives;
  • The intern employer’s description of the internship position
  • The specific types of experiences the student will be engaged in or will encounter through the internship.

The contract must be signed by the student intern, the Intern Employer/supervisor and the CBA Internship Director. A copy of the contract will be retained by all parties.

Supervisor Evaluation

At the end of the internship interns must receive an evaluation by their supervisor using the Supervisor Evaluation Form. The supervisor should, but does not have to, review the evaluation with the intern. The intern is required to return the completed evaluation to the CBA Intern Director at the end of the internship.

CBA-493 Internship Course

If CBA students in paid internships are required by the employer to receive academic credit they must register for the Internship Course through the Career Development Center. The registration process must be completed before the first class session and the student must attend the first class session. Student in summer or overseas internships may enroll in CBA-493 the semester following their internship.

Enrollment in the Internship Course is on a first-come, first serve basis. Seating is limited. There will be adherence to course seating limits set by the Dean’s office. Interns are expected to attend all meetings of the Internship Course and satisfy the requirements of that course as stipulated in the course syllabus. CBA-493 is offered on a pass/fail basis.

Students wishing to enroll in CBA-493 should follow these procedures:

  • Ensure that the internship has been registered through the Career Development Center and approved by the CDC Internship Supervisor.
  • Register in BeachLINK at
  • Once registered log into your account, select the “Profiles” tab in the top left corner, then select the “Placements” tab toward the center of the page.
  • Select the “Add New” button in the middle of the page, and then select “Internship Academic Credit Request”.
  • Complete the entire form including the Internship for Academic Credit section. Make sure you provide a detailed description of work duties.
  • Once you have submitted your placement the Internship Office will contact you within 3 – 5 days.

If the Career Development Center grants permission it will issue the permit for registration in the Internship Course and send it to the CBA Academic Advising Center. Once that is done you can enroll online like any other course. Once permission is granted to enroll in the course you should download and read a copy of the Student Information Package. You then need to obtain the Student Internship Learning Contract which you and your supervisor will complete and execute. The completed contract must be returned to the CBA Internship Director for approval and signature no later than the first class session. The contract should be forwarded electronically in pdf file format to Alternatively it may be hand delivered to the Internship Director in the Student Center for Professional Development.

Finding Internships

Students interested in internship opportunities should:

  • Visit the Career Development Center located in Brotman Hall to learn about potential internships that have been identified.
  • Open an account on BeachLINK, the Career Development Center’s online job board and routinely check for internship opportunities.
  • Routinely check the internship link on the CBA home page. New internship opportunities will be posted there.

It is the responsibility of the interested student to make contact with the appropriate person at the Intern Employer or designated contact person to learn more about the opportunity. It is up to the Intern Employer to offer an internship.

Conflicts of Interest

To avoid real or apparent conflicts of interest and to help assure that the internship is objectively structured and evaluated, credit for an internship will not be granted if the student is working for a business owned and/or operated by their family.  Additionally, the student cannot be supervised by a family relation in any internship for credit arrangement.

Student Package

There is a Student Information Package that contains much of the information summarized here. It contains copies of the Learning Contract and Supervisor Evaluation Form as well as other useful information. The package is in pdf file format and can be easily downloaded.