CBA Honors Program [CBAHP]

For 8 years (2003-2011), the College of Business Administration (CBA) at California State University, Long Beach, offered the CBA Honors Program (CBAHP). This enriched, more demanding program was designed to be intellectually rewarding, and to provide a valuable experience that enhanced students' future careers. Special focus was on those students who wished to pursue an advanced degree and career in academia.

Currently, honors students majoring in business are part of the University Honors Program. However, we are proud to present some of the theses completed by past graduates of the CBAHP program. Please click here to access those theses.

Special thanks go to Marketing Professor Pamela Miles Homer, who served as the
Director of the CBA Honors Program since its inception. The enrichment the
Honors program provided CBA students, and the level of quality the
program offered, are directly due to the dedication, commitment, and
leadership Professor Homer provided over the years.

Furthermore, we wish to thank CBA faculty and business professionals that shared their knowledge and experiences with honors program students, some of whom supervised honors theses. The CBAHP is indebted to these distinguished and generous individuals.