Finance Majors

Finance Consists of three interrelated areas:

  • Financial Management: which involves the actual financial management of a firm as well as the theory of finance applicable to all other areas of finance;
  • Investments: which focuses on the decision of investors as they choose investment securities and manage their investment portfolios;
  • Money & Capital Markets: which deals with security markets and financial institutions

The Finance and Investment courses cover the following subjects:

  • Business Finance - Financial Management &Capital Budgeting
  • Investments
  • Capital Markets/Securities Markets
  • International Finance
  • Personal Finance

Financial Management is important in all types of businesses; financial institutions, utilities, and industrial and retail firms. It is also important in governmental operations. Finance majors select careers with financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, investment companies, savings and loans, and credit unions. Many finance majors also work at utilities and industrial and retail companies as financial officers. Finance graduates who enter into investments generally work for investment banking firms, mutual funds, or insurance companies in areas such as portfolio management, security analysis, pension fund investment or stock brokerage.

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