Turn-around Time

The amount of time needed for processing your requests and returning them to you is:

Task Turnaround Time
Photocopying 24 hours
Test Banks 5 working days
Word Processing 5 working days

Note: During peak periods, we will do our best to meet these deadlines. The sooner you get your requests into the Center, the sooner you will receive your output. Keep in mind, circumstances beyond our control do arise (copiers needing services). All completed work is placed in your mailbox, unless other arrangements have been made.

EEC prioritizes jobs as they come in. Following is the order or priority:

  1. Exams/Quizzes – First Priority
  2. Syllabi – Second Priority
  3. Resumes, Letters of Recommendation, etc. – Third Priority
  4. Research Papers – Last Priority

Emergencies/Last Minute Requests

We are only human and realize emergencies or last minute work comes in from time-to-time. We will do our best to accommodate you if the need arises. Please ask. We don’t mind rush jobs as long as they are not your common practice.