Copy Machine

There is a copy machine located in the Mail Room, where all the Faculty and Staff Mail Boxes are located, for your use.

This copier was designed to make a limited number of copies and is much slower than those in EEC. Please use this copy machine carefully.

If you are experiencing any problems with this machine, please let someone know in EEC so that we can get it fixed for you.

Paper Supply

Paper is provided for the copy machine. It is placed into the drawers of the machine by the staff of EEC. This paper is for use in these machines only and is not to be taken for your printers or personal use. We are billed for the paper and the number of copies made. The amount of paper we put in the machine and the count on the machine must match.

If you need paper for the printer in your office, please see your Department’s Coordinator (ASC) who is responsible for providing paper for official departmental use. In case of emergencies and when your Department Office is closed, we will try and accommodate you, but please ask one of the staff in EEC and do not take the paper from the copiers.