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Spring 2010 News

2010 SCPD Awards & Scholarship Recipients

SCPD Awards & Scholarship Recipients

SCPD Awards & Scholarship Recipients (L-R): Angela Amenero, Hannah Nguyen, Nicki Tran, Joseph Goudlock, James Squire, Ash Blythen

Leadership in Action Award
This award recognizes exceptional students for their contributions and service to the Student Center for Professional Development, the College of Business Administration (CBA), California State University, Long Beach and the community.  Recipients receive the highest recognition at the SCPD Awards Event.

  • James Squire – business management major
  • Ash Blythen – business management major

Professional Excellence Award
This award recognizes exceptional students who most effectively articulates and displays through written and oral presentation their personal and professional development as an SCPD participant. 

  • 1st place: Thu-nguyet "Nicki" Tran - Human Resources Management Major
  • 2nd place: Joseph Goudlock - International Business Major

Financial Executives International (FEI) Scholarship
This SCPD award, in partnership with Financial Executives International (FEI), recognizes two exceptional students in Finance and Accountancy who best demonstrates how FEI values apply to their personal and professional life.

  • Finance - Hannah Nguyen – Double Major in Finance and Accountancy
  • Accountancy - Angela Amenero – Double Major in Accountancy and International Business

Binh Tran

Congratulations to Binh Tran (CBA Honors Program graduate), Second Place at the 24th Annual CSU Statewide Student Research Competition (May 2010)

Binh Tran’s study, "Language Familiarity Effects on Bilingual Consumers' Brand Attitudes." won First Place at the 24th Annual CSULB  Student Research Competition (February 2010) and Second Place at the 24th Annual CSU Statewide Student Research Competition (San Jose, May 2010). Binh is a graduate of the CBA Honors Program and graduates from CSULB in May 2010.

College of Business Administration Students bring home more Trophies from the 46th International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition on April 15-17

This spring, the College of Business Administration sent three teams, two Undergraduate and one MBA, to a semester-long competition, the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition.

The teams competed against teams from other colleges from the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.  Each team competed in a “world” where they took over the management of a simulated company competing against the management teams of other schools assigned to their “world.” 

They gave their company a name and made quarterly decisions for five simulated years on all aspects of their company’s operations from research and development to training and marketing, and finance and production which were then processed by the competition host computer. 

Orange Inc. 1.jpg
Orange, Inc.  (Undergrad team from left) Cathy Kwon, Thu-Nguyet (Nicki) Tran, Andrew  Choi, Nicholas Weir, and Carl Morandell.

Half of the decisions were remote – from the home school during the semester – and half were made under pressure -- every two hours – during the culmination of the competition in San Diego on April 15-17. 

Natrix, Inc..jpg
Natrix, Inc. (Undergrad team from left) John Lee Yang Wei, Cliff Bachmeier, Rudholff Bischoff, and Jeffrey Parrish

The teams also submitted a written Business Plan and an Annual Report for their simulated company.  Finally, our student managers were required to make a presentation to the judges who served as the company’s “Board of Directors.”

Funscape 1.jpg
Beach Funscape, Inc.  (MBA team from left) Justin Steger, Alok Anand, Apiradee Triampo, Scott Barbret, Ryan Hoss, and Loren Kaiser

As in the real world, decisions made by the “company managers” determined the revenues, costs, and financial performance of the companies.  

The student managers of two companies,   Orange, Inc. and Beach Funscape, Inc., won First Runner-up for Overall Performance trophies in their worlds.   We are very proud of all our students!  Go Beach!

Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership Announces Awards for Ethics Across the Curriculum at CSULB

Awardees with CBA Dean Solt

The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership at California State University, Long Beach is providing students from majors as diverse as journalism, geology, biology, human development, and civil and construction engineering management with essential ethical decision-making tools before entering the workforce. Through one of its key initiatives, Ethics Across the Curriculum, the center offers $2,000 stipends to faculty members who integrate a 3-hour ethics module into their courses.

The 2009-2010 multidisciplinary faculty awardees are: Dr. Ashley Carter for Two Ethical Case Studies as Part of an Applied Statistics Exercise; Dr. Yu-Fu Ko for Concepts and Cases in Engineering Ethics; Dr. Jacqueline Mills for Ethics in Geographic Information Science; Dr. Lauren Rauscher and Dr. Beth Manke for The Ethics of Power in Conducting and Evaluating Social Science Research; and Dr. Raul Reis for Teaching Media Ethics in the General Education Introduction to Mass Communications Course. Recipients received their awards at a campus luncheon attended by faculty, staff, alumni, College of Engineering Dean Forouzan Golshani, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dean Laura Kingsford, and College of Business Administration Dean Michael Solt.

Ethics Across the Curriculum was initially made possible through a grant from The Boeing Company in 2005. The Ukleja Center has been funding the program since 2008. All CSULB colleges and disciplines are invited to participate and lecturers, as well as tenured faculty, are encouraged to apply. The application deadline for 2010-2011 proposals is October 29, 2010.

The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership equips people with the transformational power of ethical leadership. It focuses on a three-pronged approach to applied ethics – university research, education, and community outreach. In addition to offering programs for faculty and students, the center works with companies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations to advance the practice of ethical leadership.

Eight CBA students awarded CSULB’s Who’s Who...

Dean Solt announced the following CBA students have received CSULB’s award for Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 2010.
The awardees are juniors, seniors and graduate students who must display academic prowess, extracurricular participation and community service.

Congratulations to:

  • Caitlin Cawley
  • Alberto Garcia
  • Andrew Herzfeld
  • Farzana Khanam
  • Yejin Kim
  • Alexander Lancaster
  • Dougflas Lauer
  • Tzu-Mei Lee

CBA Faculty introduce Pepperdine Faculty to the Beach World

Screenshot of the The Beach World in Second Life

Sayantani Mukherjee and Ingrid Martin, Marketing Department were invited to share their experiences with The Beach World with the business faculty at Pepperdine University at a conference on “Experiential Learning” on March 12. The Experiential Learning conference was held at the Graziadio Graduate School of Business on the Malibu campus of Pepperdine University. The presentation was a hands-on workshop that introduced and took the business faculty through the promises and challenges of using virtual worlds in the classroom with a specific focus on The Beach World (in Second Life). The faculty prepared for this workshop by creating their own avatars and registering in Second Life as users. A scheduled one and a half hour workshop turned into over two hours of having fun and learning how to navigate through The Beach World. Gayle Burns from CSULB’s Academic Technology was present as an avatar to help with any technical difficulties from her “remote” location – her office at CSULB.

When we walked into the auditorium at the Graziadio School we were greeted by a very professional looking (business suits) group of mostly gray-haired faculty. Our initial reaction was “oh no, a bunch of naysayers…” but instead they were like kids in a candy store and took right to the whole experience. The most exciting part of this experience was to watch the interactions by junior, senior, and emeriti faculty as avatars as they entered and explored our CBA island - The Beach World – through their avatars. We organized a scavenger hunt for the faculty to make the exploration of The Beach World fun and informative. This was followed by a lively discussion where the faculty discussed the potentials of using Second Life as a teaching tool.

The most promising aspect of this was the intense excitement and interest of the faculty as they explored how they could actually bring this virtual world into their curriculum. Faculty from the Organizational Behavior group talked about using it to teach negotiation strategies, IS faculty talked the need to be prepared to teach using the platforms that the next generation of students are familiar with as they approach college in the next 5-10 years, and many other ideas. It was a very positive and rewarding experience for us to be able to share some of the progressive and innovative ideas that we are working on in the CBA at CSULB!

CBA Staff, Faculty and Administrators generously donate food

CBA Staff, Faculty and Administrators generously donated food to CSULB’s chapter of Sigma Phi Omega (Gerontology Honor Society) in November 2009 and in February 2010. Food collected was given to the Long Beach Senior Center for distribution to needy seniors.

CBA Ranked Among 301 Best Business Schools in 2010

Of all the MBA programs in the country, CSULB has been ranked as one of the 301 best business schools in the United States by the Princeton Review. In order to be ranked in the top level of schools by the Princeton Review, a school must meet the Review’s criteria for excellence and to allow the Review to conduct surveys of its students. According to the students surveyed by the Review, CSULB is considered to have a safe, cooperative, and pleasant campus atmosphere creating an appealing backdrop for its MBA programs. A current student explains, “The campus is very casual, and the students are very nice and friendly. It is like a second home, and I feel comfortable and safe in the environment.” Those who would like to augment their coursework with a bit of extracurricular stimulation will find opportunities to participate in seminars and other social events with the MBA Association and a strong nucleus of students who mingle off-campus throughout the semester. The MBA programs draw students who range from open-minded thinkers to engineers who like to think by the rules.

BeachMasters Gearing Up: CBA’s Toastmasters Club

In November 2009, the College of Business Administration Student Center for Professional Development organized a chapter of Toastmasters, International. Through the efforts of Howard Fletcher, SCPD Board Member, Shelia Hill, SCPD Director, and Joan Lewis, Toastmasters Lt. Governor of Marketing, the initial Demonstration meeting was held on November 17, 2009. The club has the full support of the CBA’s Dean Michael E. Solt and he is one of the chartering members. Named the CSULB BeachMasters, the club currently has 22 chartering members. BeachMasters is open to any CSULB student and recent alumni.

The club provides an opportunity for students to develop their presentation and leadership skills. Toastmasters International has helped many successful business professionals enhance their careers through the practical application of these key skills.

The club officers are Shaun Bernard, President, Matt Duncan, Vice President of Marketing, Carl Morendell, Vice President of Education, Matt Duenner, Secretary, Aurora Marquez, Treasurer and Mychal Will, Sergeant of Arms. The club is being stewarded by Division E Governor, Camille Rivera. Carol Otter, Area E-2 Governor and Lodel Yerro, Competent Communicator, serve as club mentors and attend each meeting. BeachMasters’ meetings are held each Tuesdays from 6-7pm, for more information please contact scpd@csulb.edu or call 562-985-2265.