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Dean’s Update, January 24, 2012

Enrollment Update

Spring enrollments have reached 99.9% of the target FTES as of Tuesday, January 24. This is great news!  As you may recall, recently our enrollments only made 85%-95% of our FTES targets, resulting in considerable (permanent) budget cuts for our college. We believe we will not face additional budget cuts due to low enrollments this academic year.

We were able to plan course offerings such that a very high fill rate has been achieved in most courses without impairing student needs.  We can safely state that no student will be forced to postpone his or her graduation due to unavailability of required courses. This was due to excellent planning by the chairs in order to accommodate student needs. Some class capacities may need to be increased – within the pedagogical and Fire Marshal’s limits – in order to allow for our students’ timely graduation, and the understanding of all instructors will be highly appreciated. With these additional enrollments during the first two weeks of the semester, we can expect to reach 100% of our college’s FTES target. Kudos to all our chairs and thanks for the cooperation of our faculty members

The main sources of our recent lower enrollment problems are due to: (1) lower number of transfer students and (2) insufficient quantity and quality of first-year (freshman, pre-business) students. The former is mostly out of our control: the number is decided by university administration and controlled by campus enrollment policies. However, the latter (pre-business enrollments) is within our control to a large extent. To this end, we are planning a number of initiatives during next few months. These involve reaching out to area high schools and community colleges with the intent of attracting the most qualified students to our programs. For these initiatives to succeed, the combined effort of chairs, program directors, and faculty will be needed. We will keep you updated on the details.