Dean's Update, December 20, 2013

Fall 2013 CBA Classrooms Survey

I would like to thank all the CBA faculty members who recently completed a survey of instructors that are currently teaching in various types of rooms in the CBA. Forty-six faculty members completed the online survey and provided useable data. Participation was voluntary and anonymous. Among the responses, faculty expressed strong needs for more whiteboard space, document cameras, dual projectors, and perhaps an instructor computer in many rooms. There were also some requests for better noise control from surrounding areas.

A similar survey was done for the Active Learning Classrooms (217 & 218). Fourteen of the 18 sampled instructors completed the online survey and provided useable data. Most respondents are faculty from various CBA departments, with an even split of TT and PT faculty. When asked to rate their overall experience teaching in the Active Learning classroom, it was mostly positive (M=5.58 on a 7-point scale). In general, faculty feedback supports that these rooms serve to enhance the learning environment.

I thank everyone who participated in these two surveys. The surveys help us understand the needs of CBA faculty and will lead to an improved teaching experience in the college. A special thanks goes to Pamela Homer for constructing the survey instrument (this was a significant effort that produced an excellent questionnaire) and to Nupur Shah for implementing the survey online. For more details of the survey findings, please contact Nupur  (