Dean's Update, December 20, 2013

Enrollment Update for Spring Semester 2014

We are currently at about 88% of our FTES target. The University is currently at 87% of its FTES target. Four other colleges have lower FTES percentages (CHHS, CED, COE, COTA), while CLA and CNSM are higher.

Chart -Percentage of FTES Target met by College

The core of our problem is that the university was expecting a higher amount of transfer applications, both quantitatively and qualitatively, for Spring 2014. In both dimensions, our campus fell short of expectations. Originally, we said that we could take in 300+ transfer students and hence the university increased our FTES target by 9% compared to last spring, whereas the university's target was increased only by 2.6%. Moreover, while the university target was lowered by 6.2% compared to Fall 2013, our target was increased by 5.6% compared to this Fall.

Chart - History of FTES Targets

Chart - History of FTES Targets Met by CBA and University

In short, our target was increased with the expectation that we would be having 300+ new transfers. However, currently we have about 173 incoming transfers. By census we estimate meeting about 90% of the target. Our fill rates, though, are good.

We are using resources efficiently, which is another measure that the university is looking at in assessing our performance.

As we lead into the spring semester, our goal is "zero complaints" from students not finding classes for spring. With the help and understanding of our chairs and faculty it is very likely that we can achieve this.