Dean's Update, December 20, 2013

Master of Science Proposals Update

Faculty teams are working diligently to gain Chancellor’s Office approval for MS proposals in Accountancy, Global Supply Chain Management, and Information Systems. The Accountancy Department voted to offer the MS in Accountancy as a state-side program after receiving suggestions from the CO that approval as a state-side program was favorable. Some issues remain about the MSA culminating experience (i.e., capstone course) and the assessment plan, but Debra Grace and Sudha Krishnan are determined to resolve all issues and obtain CO approval.

The MSGSCM proposal has been revised and a meeting with a CO representative has taken place, but we are still receiving push-back from the CO about whether this proposal meets the criteria for being a self-support program that is run through the College of Continuing & Professional Education. Work will continue; the MSIS proposal has wisely been put on hold until the issues surrounding MSGSCM can be cleared up. Judy Strauss, Sabine Reddy, Ming Chen, Sophie Lee, Michael Chung, and Seiji Steinmetz (Economic) have been working on these two MS proposals.

The goal is to gain CO approval so that the MSA can be started in Fall 2014 and MSGSCM and MSIS can be started in Fall 2015.

MS in Finance is being worked on by a team from the Finance Department, and they are preparing a prospectus that, if approved, would be placed on the CO Master List. After that, the writing of the MS in Finance proposal can begin in earnest, with a Fall 2015 target date for taking in the first cohort. Thanks to Jasmine Yur-Austin for organizing the Finance Department effort.