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Dean’s Update, December 19, 2012

SCPD October Retreat

The Student Center for Professional Development held its Corporate Mentoring Program Leadership Retreat at YMCA Camp Whittle October 12 through 14. This annual event, generously funded by a grant from Target Corporation, focuses on leadership, team building and personal growth in an environment free from phone and computer connectivity.

This year approximately 50 CBA Seniors benefitted from the experience. From the time they arrived (on a bus generously provided by LA County Supervisor Don Knabe’s office) to the time they left the students were subjected to an intense schedule that began at 7:00 am and ended at 11:00 pm. In addition to meals, sleep and various energizer activities, the schedule included:

  • Workshops on leadership, team building and team dysfunction;
  • A low ropes course that reinforces teamwork lessons taken from the workshops;
  • A high ropes course (40 feet in the air) where students test the boundaries of their physical comfort zones with the encouragement of their teammates below; and
  • A six-team competition to create the best business idea, present the most reasonable business plan and act out a commercial advertising the product or service.

Each of these experiential learning activities encourage self-examination and personal growth, while teaching highly effective lessons relating to teamwork, leadership, trust, communication and other skills that can be applied to academics, careers and life in general. Below is a sampling of comments from student participants:

“I definitely want to thank you for persuading me to come to the retreat. I had an amazing time. I learned so much about myself and pushed myself so much further than if I didn’t come. Thank you!” – FZ

“Thank you so much for this retreat and the experience. It was amazing. I learned so much about myself and others. I came into this knowing one person and now know almost everyone and made some amazing friends. Thanks for everything.” – SH

“Thank you so much for everything. You have done so much for me and all the other students. This program has really made me grow as a person, helped me figure what my passion is, and allowed me to meet amazing people who I now call friends. Thank you for all your hard work, passion and knowledge we get from this.” – DB

“Thank you for allowing us to come together and learn more about ourselves. I was able to network and even form my Boeing Case Group.” – VD

The College of Business Administration extends a big “Thank You” to Target, Supervisor Knabe’s office and participating SCPD Advisory Board members, Alumni and volunteers for helping to make this successful retreat happen.