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Dean’s Update, December 19, 2012

CBA Students Participate in University Case Study Initiative Sponsored by Boeing

During the fall semester, CBA students participated in the first University Case Study Initiative (UCSI) sponsored by the Boeing Corporation Business Career Foundation Program (BCFP). The UCSI is the first of its kind for Boeing in Southern California, and students at Cal State Fullerton also participated in the UCSI on the Fullerton Campus.

The UCSI provided an opportunity for our students to learn more about Boeing while experiencing real-world business challenges. The UCSI helped our students improve their presentation and critical thinking skills while expanding their knowledge of Boeing products and building relationships with Boeing professionals.

Eight teams applied to the UCSI and included a total of thirty one CBA students. Each team was provided a Boeing Mentor for the case study, and the teams had two weeks to research, analyze, and offer recommendations about the case. The teams then prepared fifteen-minute PowerPoint presentations that were presented to a panel of Boeing executives. The Cal State Fullerton students went through a similar, but separate, process. Details of the case study are:

  • Finance, supply chain, and global strategy were fundamental to the case study
  • The teams were comprised of 3-5 participants from a variety of majors/concentrations
  • Both graduate and undergraduate students participated in the UCSI
  • Three winning teams from the CBA and from Cal State Fullerton were recognized for their efforts

Boeing received assistance from a variety of on-campus organizations to help execute the Kick-off and Judging Event. The following CSULB organizations supported this excellent event:

  • American Marketing Association (AMA) marketed the UCSI Kick-off Event
  • Associated Business Students Organization Council (ABSOC) coordinated and reserved the Kick-off location
  • Financial Management Association (FMA) provided refreshments at the Kick-off Event
  • The Career Development Center hosted the Judging Event and provided refreshments

Boeing provided executives to judge the team’s presentations: Mary Ek, Finance Executive of the C-17 Global Sustainment Program; Richard Ullman, Contracts/Pricing Transactions Lead; and David Bever, Director of Geospatial Intelligence Futures for Boeing National Programs. I would like to thank the Boeing execs for taking time from their busy schedules to judge the Case Study Competition.

After five hours of presentations from the eight CBA student teams, the judges selected the top three teams. First place was awarded to Team 8 (Jose Espeleta, Lucy Nguyen, Vania Dailey, Barbara Melo, and Violet Knutson). Second place was awarded to Team 2 (Katherine Alfaro, Andrew Wilhelm, and Amanda Webber). Third place was awarded to Team 4 (Erin Dineen and Jeanette Younger).

The three winning teams from the CBA and from Cal State Fullerton were invited to a networking lunch with Boeing Executives and BCFP participants on Friday, December 7. In the afternoon, these students were also invited to a tour of the Satellite Development Center located in El Segundo, California.