Dean's Update, August 16, 2013

Enrollment Update and Center for Student Success News

In the fall 2013 semester, we have at least 386 new freshmen and at least 426 transfer students, who have already enrolled. We expect these numbers to increase in the coming days. As of today, the number of “potential” new freshmen students is 473 while the number of “potential” transfers is 489. We expect the actual freshmen and transfer numbers to each be around 450 at the start of classes.

As to current enrollments in fall classes, we are at 101.4% of our enrollment target set for us by the Academic Affairs. In addition to making us the top college on campus with the highest percentage of target, our enrollments are helping the campus to meet its overall enrollment target, since other colleges are below their targets. 

The Center for Student Success (CSS) is critical to CBA achieving the goals of the Highly Valued Degree Initiative. Our specific HVDI goals for the coming academic year are to continue to: a) Reduce the time-to-degree for all CBA students; and b) Reduce the achievement (“graduation rate”) gap between URMs and NURMs in our college.

To this end significant progress has already been achieved. Graduation and retention rates have improved for both URMs and NURMs, and the gap between these two populations are expected to be reduced significantly in the near future. We were able to achieve these favorable results due to a number of factors. One, the remodel of CBA’s Advising Center office last summer made it more efficient and student friendly. Two, HVDI funding provided us with increased advising resources. And three, increased resources resulted in increased intrusive advising contacts. HVDI made it possible for the Advising Center to assume ownership of our pre-business students and monitor their progress through direct and intrusive advising.

In the coming academic year we will expand intrusive advising to all our students and ensure all receive at least one annual contact. We will also increase our outreach to community colleges in an effort to ensure we not only attract the quantity of transfer students that we need, but also the quality of students that we want.