Dean's Update, August 16, 2013

Molina Healthcare Internship Program

The summer 2013 intern cohort was filled in May prior to the end of the semester. Eleven internship positions were filled with students from four colleges, CBA - 4, CHHS - 4, COA - 1 and COE - 2. A total of 152 applications for the eleven positions were received. This is on average 14 applications for each position which is consistent with prior experience.

As in the past, the large majority of applications came from students from Healthcare Administration at 46% and Business Administration at 35%. This makes sense given the nature of the business. Almost 57% of applications received were from seniors, followed by 23% juniors and 20% graduate students. The majority of GPAs were between 3.0 and 3.75 with the largest percentage being between 3.0 and 3.25.

Recruiting has begun for the fall 2013 internship cohort. Molina is seeking to again fill eleven positions: 

  • IT - Corporate Intranet Collaboration – Social Media Intern
  • IT - Corporate Intranet Collaboration – Web Design/Developer Intern
  • Compliance – Compliance Intern
  • Finance – Healthcare Analysis Intern
  • IT – Enterprise Infrastructure Intern
  • Enrollment Growth/Community Outreach – Community Engagement Intern
  • Corporate Systems – P6 Application Support Intern
  • Medical Affairs – Clinical Programs Intern
  • Human Resources IS – HR Information Systems Intern
  • Utilization Management – Utilization Management Intern
  • MHC Provider Services – Provider Services Intern

The deadline for submitting applications for the fall cohort is midnight Friday August 16, 2013. Selected students will begin their internships September 16, 2013. They will work up to 20 hours per week at Molina’s downtown Long Beach headquarters or nearby building and receive $18 per hour compensation.

The process for soliciting applications, screening applicants, and selecting the student interns followed the same procedures established for the previous cohorts, except that Howard Fletcher asked that the Molina IT managers interview and select the candidates for IT positions. The Molina Marketing Department Manager made the final selection for the Medicare Marketing position, choosing from four candidates referred to her. In total, 28 students were interviewed, 11 by Howard. He also selected the other 17 candidates referred to Molina for interview based upon the information each provided in their application.

GPA was an important screening consideration though not the overriding one. So too was the essay each applicant submitted about why he or she would be a good fit with Molina. In reviewing these essays key considerations were given to:

  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing
  • Interest in healthcare as a career (as opposed to just someplace to develop workplace experience)
  • Familiarity with the Molina organization
  • Transferrable skills appropriate to the position
  • References to people skills and being a good team player
  • References to work ethic
  • References to “What’s in it for Molina” as opposed to just “What’s in it for me”

The recruiting and placement of the Summer Cohort was different from previous cohorts in that 50% of the internships were IT related and the interviewing of those applicants had to be done by Molina managers. Still, we got it done and Molina has expressed satisfaction with the results. Overall, Molina continues to support this program and is delighted with the overall quality of students we have sent their way.

Of the seventeen interns in the prior three cohorts, seven have been hired, five have continued in their internships past the end date, four quit, two of whom took full time jobs at other companies, and one was not offered a position. That is a 71% success rate, a rate that most other intern employers would be delighted to have.