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Dean’s Update, August 14, 2012

SCPD Moving Forward

The Student Center for Professional Development is preparing for the start of the 2012-2013 academic year. Having Program Coordinator Eve Espindola on board enables SCPD to be much better organized. Learning from last year will lead to changes that will make the Passport to Success a more meaningful and powerful learning experience.

Recruiting: SCPD has been soliciting applications from transfer students through the SOAR workshops and will soon do an email blast to returning students encouraging them to apply. Advisory Board members will again present to the large class sessions to recruit students for the Passport to Success. SCPD will also hold an open house the first two weeks of school like last year and will set up a table outside CBA-126 with a sign to attract students. The computers in CBA-126 will be set to take online applications on the spot. Anyone who becomes a member of SCPD will be given free pizza and a bottle of water. Recruiting this way was very successful last year.

Business Professional Certificate: With the assistance of the SCPD Advisory Board Program Committee, workshop offerings have been revised and clarified for the Business Professional Certificate. Each workshop or event is worth 10 points. There are 200 possible points and a student must earn 140 to get the certificate. Enhancements made include:

  • Holding calendar workshops over the entire year
  • Publishing workshop calendars in advance
  • Consolidating overlapping workshops
  • Holding no morning workshops
  • Holding no Friday workshops
  • Developing a PowerPoint template for all presenters (Branding)

Community Scholars Program: Last year’s program matching CBA students with Jordan High School Student was very successful and SCPD is excited about offering this mentoring program again. The counselor at Jordan High School had trouble keeping up with program needs due to cutbacks and some personal issues. As a result some Jordan students missed valuable parts of the program. To remedy this in 2012-2013, SCPD will:

  • Fix the calendar in advance
  • Prepare all required paperwork for parental approval in advance for signature
  • Obtain high school teacher buy-in by having them attend the training sessions

Corporate Mentoring Program: Eve Espindola has done a great job recruiting for CMP, SCPD’s flagship program that matches students one-on-one with business professionals for year-long mentoring. To date, 31 students have already submitted required documents and passed the interview. SCPD is in the process of confirming mentor availability and compiling more information about mentors to share with the students – things like hobbies, kids, personal achievements, interesting factoids, etc. The purpose is to make the mentors seem more human and give the students things they can ask or talk about. The major change we are going to make this year is to the leadership retreat that is funded through a Target Corporation grant:

  • Moving it back to the mountains
  • Holding it in the fall instead of spring
  • Focusing on leadership, teamwork, and professional development
  • Making it mandatory

SCPD has reserved Camp Whittle for the weekend of October 12-14. Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe will provide a bus, which relieves SCPD of a large expense. Because SCPD is so short on staff, board members and mentors are being recruited to participate in the retreat.

Fundraising: A detailed information package about SCPD has been prepared for prospective donors. SCPD Director Howard Fletcher also created an executive summary and cover letter which has been sent to local corporations and philanthropic foundations.