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Dean’s Update, August 14, 2012

CBA Center for Student Success Swings into Operation

Fall 2012 is the inauguration of CBA’s Center for Student Success under the direction of Gayle Fenton. This umbrella organization includes the CBA Advising Center, CBA’s outreach endeavors and enrollment management. All of these units will be coordinating efforts to increase our retention and graduation rates while decreasing the achievement gap.  Some of our newest efforts include:

  • Complete “ownership” of Pre-Business majors:
    • Comprehensive advising during summer SOAR
    • Fall 2012 & Spring 2013: Welcome Letter, Fall and Spring Freshman Mandatory advising workshops, and individual appointment for each Pre-Business students.
  • CBA Transfer Student Advising: The CBA Advising Center will develop a pilot program of voluntary workshops in Fall 2012 that will review university rules and requirements like GWAR plus cover CBA upper division course selections for Spring 2013. Other CSS efforts are:
  • Examination of the functionality of the Symplicity software system to capture data on all CBA advising contacts such as workshops, quick questions, walk-ins, emails, etc. In addition, the CBA Advising Center will review the possibility of advising appointment screening so that students can be seen in advising sessions appropriate to their needs:  a) Quick Questions, b) walk-ins, c) 30 minute appointments, and d) 45- 60 minute appointments for very special cases.
  • Thanks to AVP Lynn Mahoney, a new half-time professional specialist position will join CSS.  Gloria Inzunza-Franco, who was a lead in CSULB’s Hispanic Serving Institution grant, will be reviewing CBA’s graduation rate achievement gap for under-represented minorities and assisting the Advising Center in decreasing the gap.
  • There is a new position in CBA’s Advising Center.  Taking the place of a previous advisor, this new position will be 50% advisor and 50% outreach to local high schools and community colleges. A collaborative effort between CBA and University Outreach & School Relations will build upon an already established outreach endeavor and target specific high schools and community colleges with a history of well-prepared freshmen and transfers. The goal is to increase CBA enrollments of first-time freshman and transfer students.
  • The CBA Advising Center is in the process of developing new advising forms and templates to create information consistency, such as the CBA At-Risk Advising Template.  All special student advising cases will include a completed advising template and back-up documents before being sent to the Associate Dean.

Most importantly, the CBA Advising Center will now ensure that all undergraduates will have at least one opportunity for advising each year. To that end, 30 minute advising sessions will be the norm except for special academic cases.