Dean's Update, June 14, 2013

Results of First-Ever CBA Graduation Survey Now Available

Thanks to the initiative of Jessica McClintock, ASC for the Management/HRM Department, the CBA conducted an exit survey of our graduating seniors for the first time. The overall college results are attached to this Update, and Jessica has sent departmental results to the respective chairs.

Jessica’s report of the results includes the following summary.

“I am happy to announce we had fairly good success with our survey despite sending it to students so close to graduation. Overall, we received 162 responses, and 144 of those responding indicated they were graduating spring 2013. I have attached the results to the Graduation Exit Survey. The first attachment compares data across majors. The second attachment contains the results for CBA in general. Each department will receive an analysis of their results within the next few minutes. If you would like the results analyzed in any other way please let me know today or tomorrow, before I lose access to the data.

Next year, I think it would greatly benefit the response rate if we sent reminder emails and personal emails from the department/department chair. I sent our students an email encouraging them to complete the CBA’s survey on the day they received Dean Solt’s email. I also sent a reminder 3 weeks ago notifying our graduating students (I obtained the list of graduating students from a CSlink report) that they have 2 weeks to submit their responses before the survey is analyzed. Our department received 54 of the responses submitted and we saw a peak right after my second email to the students on 5/27. I think it helped that they were reminded after all the stress and excitement of finals/graduation had passed. I am excited for how this survey will benefit our department and the college in general.”