Dean's Update, June 14, 2013

Master of Science Proposals and International Business Minor Receive University Approvals

This week President Alexander signed letters concurring with Academic Senate approval of our proposals for three Master of Science programs and an International Business minor; the Academic Senate approved these proposals during second readings on May 9, 2013

The MS proposals moved forward very quickly for a university setting.  Forty-page proposals were completed by February 1 and CBA approvals were obtained by early March (department, GPC, and Faculty Council).  AVP Cecile Lindsay reviewed and commented on the proposals. Curriculum & Education Policies Council and University Resource Council (with Praveen Soni’s capable leadership) approved the proposals in April. First reading in the Academic Senate took place on April 24.

Now the Chancellor’s Office can begin its review and approval process. We are working with CCPE on implementation issues and hope to begin recruiting students next academic year for a fall 2014 program start.

I cannot thank all the faculty members enough who have been spearheading this effort. For the IB minor, Terry Witkowski wrote an excellent proposal.  For the MS proposals, Judy Strauss, Sophie Lee, Steve Fisher, Praveen Sinha, Michael Chung, and Sherry Su have shouldered the primary responsibilities for their departments’ proposals, so I want to thank these faculty members in particular.  But for all the other faculty members who have contributed and participated, please do not think that I am overlooking your efforts.  Without everyone’s efforts, we would not be in a position to think about starting new MS programs in fall 2014.