Dean's Update, June 14, 2013

CBA Student Outreach and Advising Continues

Thanks to the outreach efforts of the CBA Center for Student Success, led by Gayle Fenton with continuous involvement by Omer Benli, the CBA expects that 466 pre-business freshmen and 452 transfer students will enroll at CSULB in fall 2013, up 22% for freshmen and 9% for transfer students from fall 2012. I want to thank Omer, Gayle, and all of the CBA Advising and Outreach staff, particularly Boualoy Dayton, for all their efforts to increase the CBA student body.

CBA increased  outreach efforts by focusing on top feeder community colleges and high schools. In 2012-2013 we attended 10 Community College Transfer Fairs and the Long Beach Unified Schools College Fair.  We have seen over 1800 prospective students.   In addition to the fairs, by the end of April we had conducted 10 CBA Prospective Transfer Workshops on our campus.  This opportunity gave prospective CBA students a glimpse of what being a CBA student is like, what resources we have available to them, learn more about our 8 options, and how they can achieve their goal of obtaining their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  We were able to connect with over 335 Freshmen Applicants and over 200 Transfer Applicants via e-mail.  We also communicated and invited our Newly Admitted Freshmen (1,206 students) and Transfers (1,050 students) to Preview Days with a total of 536 students and guests in attendance.

We also focused our outreach efforts on educating Business Lead teachers/faculty, business student organization advisors, and parents. We provided counselors with an education session and luncheon that allowed the CBA to inform counselors about our program and how their students can successfully be admitted to the CBA.  We also sent out media kits that included a welcome from the dean, a CBA Video showcasing our faculty and students, CBA Brochures, and a Fall 2013 FAQ sheet that answered their questions.

Finally, we have also created a Prospective Students Webpage that is user-friendly and provides information for prospective transfers, freshmen, and MBA students. Improvement in our advising initiatives continued during the past year. The following are the 2012-13 Advising Enhancements:

  • Fall Freshman Mandatory Advising Workshops: 466 freshmen advised. 
  • Spring Freshman Mandatory Advising Workshops: 427 Freshman Advised.
  • We are also piloting Fall Transfer Voluntary Advising Workshops (45 transfers advised during Fall 2012) and Pre-Fall Advising Workshops for International Students majoring in CBA (18 advised).
  • Large increase in individual advising appointments: From August 27, 2012 to May 6, 2013: 2,628 advising contacts were achieved: a 68% increase in advising contacts from 2011-12 to 2012-13.
  • Continuing achievement gap reduction efforts: Joint advising collaboration between CBA Advising Center staff and CBA’s Achievement Gap specialists (Dr. Gloria Inzunza-Franco & Dr. Gen Ramirez) consisted of data analysis, and development of advising processes for the following CBA undergraduate student populations.

Our plan for the next academic year is to have all our student success initiatives under a single umbrella, which will provide a seamless service to our students. While academic development and skills are provided in our courses, we will be engaging with our students through outreach to potential students, providing pro-active advising throughout their education in our college, managing their enrollment issues to ensure timely graduation, and developing their professional skills and experiences in order for them to get appropriate jobs in their professions.