Dean's Update, April 8, 2013

Molina Healthcare-CSULB Internship Program Continues to Grow

Howard Fletcher recently visited Molina Healthcare headquarters to give a workshop on being a “Business Professional.”  He also met with Jon Heiman and Cynthia Vuguin (former CSULB intern now “College Recruiting Program Coordinator - Talent Acquisition”) to discuss how the internship program could be improved.  At the conclusion of the meeting, it was agreed that:

  1. Molina will advise us of the positions they are seeking to fill at least seven weeks in advance of projected cohort start date.  That will give us enough time to recruit (3 weeks), screen the applicants (1.5 weeks), interview the short list (1.5 weeks), and provide Molina with the biographical information needed for onboarding (1 week).
  2. Molina will provide more detailed information about the job content of each intern position so that we can ensure that the applicant selected for the position has the desired skill set.
  3. Molina will try to bring its IT department into the program because IT has for the most part done its own thing.
  4. Molina will double the number of interns they will accept for each cohort, making it ten students rather than the current five.  That means we can place thirty interns with Molina each year.

Howard expects most internships will continue to be attractive to students in CBA and the Health Care Administration Department of the College of Health & Human Services.  That does not necessarily mean there will be no internships for students from other colleges.  In the past year, we have also placed a couple of students from the College of Natural Science & Mathematics and the College of Liberal Arts.  This is a wonderful partnership with an excellent, rapidly growing local firm, and kudos to Howard for making it happen and keeping it on track.  If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact Howard Fletcher.