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Dean’s Update, March 29, 2012

Summary of Budget Actions Announced in Provost's March 19 Announcement

  1. No faculty travel will be supported by the General Fund, CERF or Lottery.  This could save up to $1m in the General Fund.  Administrative travel will also be restricted.
  2. Academic Affairs Division currently spends about $2m in General Fund operating expenses and distributes $2.2m in Lottery funding.  AA will hold $1m in Lottery and $500,000 from June CCPE distributions.
  3. General Fund support for Faculty Assigned Time will be reduced to $1.5m from $3.9m (not including new faculty and RSCA).   This will primarily affect college-funded research, advising, and program coordination.  Deans will be asked to submit short lists of essential assigned time within their colleges that must be approved by the Provost.  Academic Affairs will review support for Academic Senate, Directors and other functions.
  4. 7.5% salary increases for promotions (contractual) will continue but AA will suspend TIPs (Associate Professors) and FPAs (Full Professors) starting this year – Spring 2012. 
  5. Current tenure-track faculty searches will be completed, provided there are strong pools of candidates. We will authorize a very limited number of tenure-track searches for Fall 2013.
  6. Staff hiring will be limited to only the most extreme programmatic needs to avoid cost increases.
  7. Supporting faculty Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities (RSCA) is a priority for Academic Affairs and CSULB.  We will maintain our stated commitment to RSCA by shifting at least one half of those costs onto F&A revenue, saving about half of the $665,000 commitment for 2012-13. Sabbatical Leaves approved for 2012-13 will be honored. 
  8. During the early phase of registration, student registration will be limited to 13 units and associate deans will reserve some seats for transfer students until SOAR.  In August, the registration limit will be raised.  Any early registration exceptions for seniors graduating in Fall 2012 will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 
  9. All Student Excellence Funds not already committed to advising staff (about $1m) will be reserved at this time.  Funds already committed to advising staff will be reviewed.  Funds may be needed to shelter staff positions from budget cuts.  The campus can launch no new student success initiatives in Fall 2012.
  10. We will suspend admissions to graduate programs that had issues identified in Program Review, have low graduation rates or low demand.   Funds will be saved by repurposing faculty to undergraduate instruction.  Deans will identify graduate programs to suspend enrollments and decisions announced soon.