Dean's Update, March 28, 2014

Chancellor's Office Approves Master of Science in Accountancy

On Thursday, March 28, CBA received word from CSU Chancellor Timothy White that the CSU has approved California State University, Long Beach to offer the state-support Master of Science degree program in Accountancy, effective fall 2014, and has also approved the graduate professional fee for the program.

This excellent news means that the CBA can move forward in advertising, recruiting, admitting, offering, and administering this new MS degree. In other words, much more work will now begin!

The MS in Accountancy is very important to the department and college because, effective January 1, 2014, completion of 150 semester units of study is a requirement to sit for the California CPA exam. Since our undergraduate Accountancy degree is 120 units, the 30-unit MS in Accountancy will enable our students (as well as those from other universities) to advance in their chosen field of Accounting. While all Accountancy faculty members have been involved in the MS in Accountancy, Sudha Krishnan deserves a huge thank-you for all of her efforts to respond to the many issues that have come up since June 2013 when the proposal was sent to the Chancellor’s Office. Accountancy Chair Debra Grace also gets a big thank-you for her continuous support in this journey over the past eight months.

This approval is also encouraging to other MS efforts underway in the college. During Spring 2013, the MS in Global Supply Chain Management and MS in Information Systems proposals passed successfully through all levels of university approval and we are currently responding to Chancellor’s Office concerns. A proposal for MS in Global Financial Management is in the early stages of preparation, but the Finance faculty is encouraged by the positive results being tabulated from a survey of student demand that has been sent to business schools in California, the U.S., and Asia.