Dean's Update, January 25, 2013

Molina Health Care-CSULB Internship Program Continues in Spring 2013

Interviews for the five internship positions of the spring cohort have begun. The selection process will be complete on January 30th and the students will begin their new internships February 4th. Meanwhile, the eleven students that comprised the summer and fall cohorts continue to grow and learn in their positions. The majority of these students came from CBA and Healthcare Administration, although two other colleges have also contributed students to the program. These interns were placed in a variety of departments including HR, IT, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Logistics and a clinic (pre-med student).

Except for those that graduated, all of the interns have remained with the company as interns after the end of the original internship commitment. Those that graduated have become full-time employees. One of the summer interns has recently been hired as a 32 hour per week employee even though she doesn’t graduate until May. The positions that comprise the spring cohort include Business Administration Special Projects (2), IT Infrastructure, Health Education and Marketing Communications. Students from CBA and Healthcare Administration are being interviewed for all the positions except Health Education, which obviously is not a CBA domain.

The senior management at Molina has been extremely impressed with the quality of the CSULB students participating in the internship program and has conveyed their satisfaction to President Alexander. In fact, Molina would like to use our program as a template and take it to other colleges. Obviously the Molina Healthcare Internship Program has been a good deal for the company and for CSULB students. Molina has already made a budget commitment to the program for summer and fall so we can look forward to even more of these wonderful internship opportunities in the future.