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Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to maximize the value of the CSULB degree by engaging alumni and friends of the College of Business Administration in opportunities to:

  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Network to create new business prospects, ventures, and growth
  • Support CBA programs, initiatives, and student professional development

The purpose of the CBA A&F network is to engage our alumni community by supporting its professional needs and providing exceptional networking and business opportunities.

By joining the CBA A&F network, you will benefit in many ways. Each of us experiences different phases, twists, and turns over the journey through life, and CBA A&F aims at meeting the needs of our members over all of their career and alumni years. You can meet new friends or renew connections with former classmates. Young alumni may prefer to enjoy a happy hour meeting, while those with family obligations might find a lunch event more convenient. People interested in lifelong learning may choose to attend a topical business breakfast or lunchtime meeting. Frequent travelers can enjoy the group virtually through our LinkedIn discussions. Alumni who want to make a difference in this world can volunteer to mentor a CBA undergraduate student. We embrace diversity and flexibility, and we encourage you to find an area of the CBA A&F network that matches your passions and situation.