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CBA Alumni & Friends - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the “CBA Alumni & Friends” group?

A: The “CBA Alumni & Friends” group is a virtual, interactive organization that supports the needs of business professionals in the alumni community. Friends of the CBA are also encouraged to join.

Q: How will I benefit from becoming a member of the “CBA Alumni & Friends” group?

A: Potential members will have three ways to learn about and join our group: a special landing page within the CBA website, Facebook and LinkedIn. Each member can decide what benefits they would like to receive based upon their individual participation. Involvement in the group can:

  • Enhance the value of your degree
  • Renew your Beach pride
  • Increase your networking capabilities
  • Connect with former classmates
  • Create new business opportunities and connections
  • Expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills
  • Improve your social calendar

Q: I’m already a member of the CSULB Alumni Association, why should I join the “CBA Alumni & Friends” group?

A: First of all, congratulations! We encourage all CSULB Alumni to join the Alumni Association. If you would like to become part of an organization that can improve your business acumen and professional connections, then we urge you to join the “CBA Alumni & Friends” group on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Q: How much does it cost to join the “CBA Alumni & Friends” group?

A: Our membership is free.