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CBA Center for Student Success Contact Information

If you would like further information about earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) from California State University, Long Beach, please feel free to contact us.

California State University, Long Beach
Center for Student Success – Suite 100
College of Business Administration
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840

Building:  College of Business Administration (CBA)   Campus Map
Location: CBA 100 - Phone: (562) 985-4514 - Email: cba-advising@csulb.edu

To schedule and advising appointment please visit the CBA Student Success website .

** Due to limited office hours, if you need to drop off a CBA form during hours that we are closed, you may slide forms under the door.  A CBA staff member will contact you the next business day to notify you that the form was received and if additional information is needed for the form to be processed.

CBA Center for Student Success Staff

Name Phone Email
Center for Student Success Front Desk 562-985-4514 CBA-Advising@csulb.edu 
Mia Ellsberry
Administrative Support Coordinator
(562) 985-4126 Mia.Ellsberry@csulb.edu
Markeshia Babers
(562) 985-4512 Markeshia.Babers@csulb.edu
Boualoy Dayton
Assistant Director
(562) 985-2276 Boualoy.Dayton@csulb.edu
Linda DeLange
(562) 985-4575 Linda.DeLange@csulb.edu
Kristy Trinh
(562) 985-1055 Kristy.Trinh@csulb.edu
Jennifer Osborne
(562) 985-4514 Jennifer.Osborne@csulb.edu

CBA Specialist

Name Phone Email
Carol Grutzmacher
Special Assistant to the Associate Dean
(562) 985-4514 Carol.Grutzmacher@csulb.edu
Gloria Inzunza-Franco
Director of Special Initiatives
(562) 985-4894 Gloria.Inzunza-Franco@csulb.edu
Gen Rameirez
Special Advisor on Student Success
(562) 985-4894 Gen.Ramirez@csulb.edu