Student Services

Student services are provided by three offices CBA Center for Student Sucess, Office of Student Services, Student Center for Professional Development.

Center for Student Sucess:

Office: CBA 100
Tel. (562) 985-4514

The Center for Student Sucess is a one stop shop for undergraduates to recieve advising and guidance regarding degrees in the College of Business Administration. Advisors are available in the office throughout the semester to assist students with academic advising, registration, and degree requirement information. Tutoring and support service referrals are also available at this center.

Office of Student Services

Matt Cabrera
Coordninator, Student Life and Development
Office: USU 313
Tel. (562) 985-4966

The Office of Student Services is responsible for overseeing eleven business student organizations and the Associated Business Students Organization Council (ABSOC).   Student leaders plan and implement a variety of activities such as hosting speakers from various industries, professional networking events, socials, recreational events and community service.

Student Center for Professional Development

Director: Howard Fletcher
Office: CBA 326
Tel. (562) 985-2265

The Student Center for Professional Development (SCPD) is a bridge between a student’s academic life and career. SCPD focuses on helping students develop the professional skills and personal attributes most valued by prospective employers.