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CBA Strategic Plan (Revised - September 2013)

Vision Statement

The CBA will be a globally recognized college of choice for scholarly and educational excellence that prepares graduates to succeed in business and society.  (Approved by CBA faculty in September, 2013)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to graduate highly valued, ethical business professionals prepared to excel in a dynamic global business environment.

Core Values

Engagement, execution, and excellence embody our approach to achieving our mission.

Shared Commitment

To build an academic community where creative minds meet, collaborative spirits flourish, and educational and scholarly contributions thrive.

Highly Valued Professionals

  • Students (evidenced by application demand)
  • Faculty (evidenced in curricular processes)
  • Professional Reviews (accreditation)
  • Employers (employment)
  • Graduate Schools (acceptances)
  • The Community (funds raised and other support)
  • Our Public Sponsors

What the CBA Does

  • Provides high-quality teaching and support programs for an exceptionally diverse student body from California, the nation, and the world.
  • Develops students’ business function knowledge and their critical thinking, communication, interpersonal, and quantitative skills.
  • Enhances and supports faculty commitment to ongoing research, professional development, and service.
  • Seeks to strengthen our resource base to ensure continued excellence.

Our Path To Excellence: The All-encompassing Goal

The all-encompassing goal of the CBA is to exceed AACSB accreditation standards. We will strive to achieve this goal by focusing on continual improvement in the following areas:

  • Program Quality
  • Research
  • Learning Environment
  • Resources
  • Community Relations
  • College Culture
Goals and Supporting Strategic Initiatives

Goals Strategic initiatives Timeline Measurement Champion Status
1. Improve Program Quality AACSB reaccreditation 6 Months Reaccreditation by AACSB Robert Chi In process
Maintain quality in UG/Graduate program 12 Months Assessment performance and BAT scores compared with prior years Assessment Workgroup Two assessment workshops have been hosted.  11 CSU campuses have participated in the BAT exam organized by CBA CSULB.
Be among top 3 UG program providers in the CSU system 24 Months Ranked by US News and World Report Mike Solt, Omer Benli & Department Chairs Completed.  CSULB is ranked #2 in CSU system (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo #1) based on 2013 US News and World Report regional University ranking
Be one of the top MS/MBA programs in the CSU system 36 Months Ranked top 3 in CSU campuses by US News and World Report Mike Solt, David Horne& MS Program Directors Part Time MBA ranking: Long Beach: 184 San Diego: 93 Sacramento: 125 Pomona: 129 Fullerton: 146 Northridge: 146 San Jose: 146 Fresno: 184 *Based on 2013 US News and World Report
Update CBA learning goals for both undergraduate and graduate programs, assess learning goals at least twice every 5 years 24 Months Assessment outcomes have been posted on the CBA AACSB web site for faculty to review and a faculty meeting is scheduled on Oct. 11 to review and discuss the assessment outcome. Robert Chi, MBA Director & Core Course Coordinators Change from Core Course Coordinator Council to Assessment Work Group to include both UG and Grad courses together for better coordination
Develop CBA AACSB web site to make all AACSB related data available for faculty to review and update 24 Months Faculty satisfaction using survey regarding the transparency of AACSB records Robert Chi Completed, will need maintenance and update
Improving college reputation including AACSB accreditation and continuously improving our standards within that process 48 Months Feedback from faculty, staff, students and alum Mike Solt In process
2. Improve Learning Environment To create and sustain a high quality learning environment 12 Months Improving teaching effectiveness in all courses Omer Benli& Department Chairs Implementation of Supplementary Instruction for high failure-rate courses
Expand the College to be one of the largest business schools in California 50 Months Ranking by US News and World Report Mike Solt In progress
Graduate our students in a timely manner to comply with SB 1440 48 Months Student graduation rate in 4 years Omer Benli & Department Chairs Advising programs & Professional programs have improved graduation rates
Establish new minor programs in Finance and International Business 12 Months Enrollment of 2 newly established minor programs Finance Chair& International Business Director Completed
3. Increase Resources To reduce dependence on state funding 12 Months Percentage of total funding from self-support programs Mike Solt, David Horne & MS Program Directors Proposal of 3 new MS programs to receive additional MBA fee to provide resources for research and curricula development
Develop research colloquia and workshops for CBA faculty to attend 24 Months AQ percentage and publication records Robert Chi 23 research colloquia have been held. More than 250 CBA faculty have participated
Secure adequate financial resources 36 Months Amount raised Mike Solt, Ryan McKinney 2011-2012 $2,091,015 2012-2013 $6,048,876 2013-2014 $526,270 As of 08/30/2013
4. Promote Research Engage in high quality scholarly and creative activities 36 Months CBA AQ ratio improvement and the # of elite/High Quality journal articles published each year Robert Chi Numbers have improved since 2008 (last AACSB review)
Continuously improve research and scholarly environments 24 Months Percentage of  AQ faculty will receive assigned time Mike Solt, Robert Chi In progress
5. Change CBA Culture To create and sustain a college culture and organization that supports the CBA vision and reinforces high performance expectations 36 Months Number of grants received, editorships, teaching awards, news coverage, etc. All Faculty In progress
6. Community Relations Business community choosing our students for internships 24 Months Number of Employers in AY Howard Fletcher 41 Companies

CBA and Departmental Strategic Plans