CBA Research Colloquia

CBA Dean’s office would like to invite all faculty members to participate in CBA Research Colloquia

The goals of the Research Colloquia is to promote and develop the environment to encourage interdisciplinary and the coordination of research activities.

Each department will have 1 tenured/tenure track faculty to serve as the representative of that department to host the presentation.

Department Representatives

Department Representative
Accountancy Dr. Praveen Sinha
Finance Dr. Cindy Chen
Information Systems Dr. Lori Brown
Management Dr. Dana Sumpter
Marketing Dr. Tianjiao Qiu

Presentation Schedule

Spring 2016 Presenter Department Topic
2/2 David Morrison (guest Speaker) IS NP-Hardness: You keep using that term---I do not think it means what you think it means
2/23 Reo Song Marketing

Reinforcement Learning and Risk Preference in Consumer Financial Decision Making

3/10 Christine Kang Marketing

Beyond Truth and Lies: Evasion as an Alternative to Deception in Word of Mouth Communications and Its Consequences

5/6 (Fri)

4pm, at Barrett Athletic Administration Center

SV Le Finance The Current Global Financial Economic Outlook
Fall 2015 Presenter Department Topic
10/5 Jeff Bently Management

Building a better self: The roles of self-growth and social adaptation in optimizing individual job performance in the work environment

10/19 Yu Wang Marketing

Information, Advice or Delegation: What Leads to Higher Trust in Distribution Channel?

11/19 Thang Nguyen IS Preventing Corporate Fiascos-A systemic Approach
Spring 2015 Presenter Department Topic
2/16 Craig Macaulay Management Alliance Network Centrality, Board Composition, and Corporate Social Performance is the title.
4/7 Jessica Robinson Management Extending supply chain integrative behaviors:
The mediating role of organizational identification
4/13 Tom Rhee and Park Koohyun (Hongik University, Korea) Finance


Fall 2014 Presenter Department Topic
Sally Chung

Directors’ and Officers’ Legal Liability Insurance and Audit Pricing

10/14 Bill Zhang
CDS Pricing and Accounting Disclosures: Evidence from U.S. Bank Holding Corporations around the Recent Financial Crisis
10/28 Kenji Klein MGMT Weeding out the competition: How alternatives are eliminated during institutionalization
11/19 Banafsheh Behzad IS A Symmetric Capacity-Constrained Differentiated Oligopoly Model for the United States Pediatric Vaccine Market with Linear Demand
Fall 2013 Presenter Department
Sept. 24 Dr. Praveen Sinha ACCT Non-Audit Service Fees, Auditor Independence and the Likelihood of a GAAP Vioaltion: Evidence from Non-Disclosure Regime
Oct. 15 Dr. Shan Chia Liu IS Visiting Scholar Ontology-based Service Reasoning with Context-Awareness
Nov. 13 Dr. ThucDoan Nguyen MKTG Harmonization Processes and Relational Meanings in Constructing Asian Weddings
Dec. 4 Judy Yin ACCT How Do Sell-Side Analysts Obtain P/E Multiples to Value Firms?
Dec. 9 Dr. Vicki Scherwin MGMT Subordinates’ Perspectives on the Social Contract at Work: Managers’Obligations to Help and The Effects of Help on the Manager Subordinate Relationship
Spring 2013 Presenter Department Topic
Feb. 19 Dr. HongYu Chen Information Systems

Predicting Customer’s Future Purchases Using Online Reviews

March 5 Dr. Mark Washburn Management/HRM Dispensing Pleasantries?  Impression Management and Marketing of Medical Marijuana Online
April 23 Dr. Chanwit Phengpis Finance U.S. Dollar and Determination of the Renminbi Value: Short-run and Long-run Approaches
May 6 Dr. Mary Celsi Marketing Temptation’s Itch: Goals, Self-Discourse, and Money Management Practices While in a Debt Management Program
Fall 2012 Presenter Department Topic
Sept. 10 Dr. Dana Sumpter Management/HRM Heartsick for Country:  The Bicultural Experience of Indigenous Employees
Oct. 2 Dr. Wikrom Prombutr Finance Do covariance risks or firm characteristics explain cross-section of stock returns?: Another perspective from the investment growth anomaly
Oct. 23 Dr. HongYu Chen Information Systems An Integrated Sentiment Mining Model of  User Generated Content
Nov. 8 Dr. Tianjiao Qiu Marketing The Effects of Product Diversification and Globalization on the Performance of Large International Firms
Dec. 4 Dr. Xuan Huang Accountancy

Market Response to Management’s Tone: The Role of Financial Analysts’ Tone in Conference Calls

Spring 2012 Presenter Department Topic
Feb. 9 Dr. Cindy Chen Finance The Impact of 2006 SEC Executive Compensation Disclosure Requirements On Pay-for-performance Relationship
Mar. 6 Dr. Ying Liu Information Systems A Unified Framework for Market Segmentation and Its Applications
Apr. 2 Dr. Mark Washburn Management Impression management: Examining executives' external influence activities
Apr. 17 Dr. Sam Min Marketing Why Firms Practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):
The Roles of Institutional Orientation and Financial Resources for
CSR Practices
May 10 Dr. Rod Smith Accountancy

Are all Material Control Weaknesses Created Equal? Evidence from the Impact of Information Technology Weaknesses on Analysts’ Forecast Accuracy, Dispersion and Market Return

Fall 2011 Presenter Department Topic
  • Location: CBA Dean’s Conference Room (CBA204)
  • Time: 12pm-2pm
  • Lunch, sponsored by the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research foundation, will be provided for all presentations.
Sept. 29 Dr. Praveen Sinha Accountancy Valuation and Underpricing of IPO: Role of Discretionary Accounting Accruals
Oct. 13 Dr. Pia Gupta Finance The Role of Executive Blockholder in a Completed Merger
Oct. 31 Dr. Lori Brown Information Systems Extra Role Time, Burnout and Commitment: The Power of Promise Kept
Nov. 10 Dr. Ming Chen Management Robust Dynamic Pricing with Two Substitutable Products
Dec. 1
Dr. Sayantani Mukherjee Marketing Experiencing Conflicting Emotions: The Role of Cognitive Resources in Reappraisal as Coping Mechanism