Participating Faculty Survey

This data is collected at the end of each academic year. Usually, this survey is distributed to all lecturers around April 30 and collected on May 15 each year

According to AACSB standards, "the school maintains a faculty sufficient to provide stability and ongoing quality improvement for the instructional programs offered. the deployment of faculty resources reflects the mission and programs. Students in all programs, disciplines, and locations habx-ve the opportunity to receive instruction from appropriately qualified faculty".

Participating Faculty are those faculty who participate in the life of the College beyond direct teaching involvement. Participatory Faculty must demonstrate a substantial involvement within College of Business Administration during each academic year.

Sample Participating Events could be but not limited to:

Student Related Activities

 1. Advise students in academic areas

 2. Tutor students outside of the classroom

 3. Advise students in career development 

 4. Assist students in obtaining internship/work-study

 5. Advise student professional organizations

 6. Mentor students or consult on student projects

 7. Judge or administer student activities or competitions 

 8. Prepare students for professional exams, such as CPA, ORACLE, Microsoft,  etc.

Teaching Related Activities

9. Engage in program and/or curriculum development

10. Participate or teach in CCPE* continuing education or professional training programs

11. Contribute to instruction-related technology initiatives

12. Participate in study abroad programs or travel study programs

13. Participate in teaching assessment activities

Research Related Activities

 14. Obtain projects and grants from companies

 15. Attend departmental, college-wide or school-wide research presentations

 16. Assist in the organization of workshops/seminars/conferences

Service Related Activities

17. Serve on school committees

18. Attend Departmental, College or University Assembly meetings or workshops

 19. Serve on advisory board(s) 

 20. Serve as a  course coordinator

 21. Work with any of department/college/University related Centers or institutes

 22. Undergo training or participate in faculty professional development activities

 23. Represent department, college, or University in outreach and development activities

 24. Performing other activities assigned by Department, College or University

 25. Help in recruiting faculty or staff

 26. Help in mentoring faculty or staff

 27. Provide leadership activities

Questionnaire for Classification of Participating Faculty

(please be advised that you will need to submit this form once for each event)

Faculty Name:
Month Please include dates between June 2015 to May 2016 only.

Please provide a description of your participation in the activities that you have titled:

Please be advised that this information will not be used for RTP, promotion or any other personnel decisions. This information is only used to provide statistics for AACSB accreditation. The AACSB reviewing team may interview you to verify the activities you have indicated.