Office of the Accreditation

The Office of Accreditation provides assistance to all CBA faculty with tasks for Accreditation and Assessment. We house the Library that contains all publications for journals, Vitas, Assessment Reports, samples of student’s work and projects, CBA Annual Reports, Minutes of IC Task Force, Minutes of Strategic Planning Committee, Minutes of Assessment Workgroup, SCOs, Accreditation Reports, and miscellaneous data needed for Accreditation and Assessment purposes.

We provide the following services:

Maintain Faculty Sufficiency/Qualification Database

This Database includes information of all CBA faculty

1. Participation information and

2. academic qualification and professional qualification information.

Maintain CBA Assurance of Learning information

This information collection keeps records of all CBA assessment reports and materials needed for Accreditation. Summary reports are also available online for CBA faculty to review.

Provide ParSCORE Grading Services

The amount of time needed for grading ParSCORE and returning them to you is: 48 hours.

Note: During peak periods, we will do our best to meet this deadlines. The sooner you get your requests in, the sooner you will receive your output. We realize that emergencies happen from time-to-time. We will do our best to accommodate you if the need arises. Please ask. We don’t mind rush jobs as long as they are not your common practice. All completed work is placed in your mailbox, unless other arrangements have been made.

Maintain The Syllabus and Standard Course Outline (SCO) library

One of the responsibilities of the Office of Accreditation is to assure we have a copy of all syllabi from each faculty member for each class for every semester. If you have not already done so, please submit a soft copy of your syllabi for all of your classes to the Office of Accreditation. If you only post your syllabi to Beachboard or your website the Office of Accreditation will still need the soft copy. This applies to all undergraduate and graduate (MBA, AMBA, SatMBA) courses. Please send your syllabi to or Cc: us on your syllabi copy request to your department ASC.