2012 CBA Teaching Effectiveness Workshop

Agenda - April 27, 2012

Time Topic Speaker
9:00-9:15 We do not teach students, we inspire them Dean Solt
9:15-9:30 Teaching technologies Leslie Kennedy, Director, Instruction Technology Support Services
9:30-10:15 How to teach large lectures effectively (Examintation Procedures) John Lacey, Professor, Accountancy
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break  
10:30-11:15 Share the experience of teaching case study Jasmine Yur-Austin, Professor, Finance
11:15-12:00 Effective incorporation of real-world projects into the curricula Hieu Nguyen, Assistant Professor, Marketing
12:00-12:30 Teaching Resources available on campus Tracy Mayfield, Associate Dean, University Library
12:30-1:30 Lunch and Q & A session on SCOs and course coordination Sophie Lee, Professor & Chair, Information Systems

2012 CBA Teaching Effectiveness Workshop Participants (40 participants)

Department Participating Faculty/Staff
Dean’s office Mike Solt
Omer Benli
Robert Chi
Margaret Williams
Accountancy Steve Fisher
John Lacey
Xuan Huang
Sudha Krishnan
Ping Lin
Praveen Sinha
Rod Smith
Yuan Yin
Information Systems Sophie Lee
Thang Nguyen
Timothy Crugnale
Ying Liu
Robert Maclean
Lori Brown
Debbie McElroy
Cloy “Mike” Walter
Khosrow Moshirvaziri
Michael Chung
Finance S.V. Le
Pia Gupta
Yulong Ma
Darshan Sachdeva
Jasmine Yur-Austin
Phil Thames
Cindy Chen
Hamdi Bilici
M/HRM Judy Strass
Dana McDaniel
Chailin Cummings
Ming Chen
Ted Teweles
Vicki Scherwin
Sabine Reddy
Xuemei Su
Phil Chong
Marketing Tianjiao Qiu
Visiting Scholar Hongbing You

2012 CBA Teaching Effectiveness Workshop Survey Results (20 collected)

Items Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Workshop Objectives were clearly stated 14 5 1    
Seminar activities facilitated learning 14 6      
Seminar activities facilitated idea sharing 12 8      
Seminar materials were relevant 16 4      
Length and depth of seminar was appropriate 12 7 1    
Overall satisfaction 15 4      


  • Nicely done
  • Good seminar
  • Good Job
  • Excellent
  • A separate workshop on each topic will allow us to participate more and deepen the discussion and experience sharing
  • Good breath of topics, definitely learned thing that I will use in my class. It was a bit focused on undergrad, gave sufficient attention to grad instruction.