Continous Improvement Objectives (CIOs)

We have developed seven continuous improvement objectives to guide us in our efforts to become a college of choice for business education. These objectives have been carefully crafted so they are long-term and permanent in nature. The successful implementation of these objectives will be the yardstick of our progress toward realizing our vision.

College of Business Administration: Continuous Improvement Objectives

  1. Recruit, hire, develop and retain highly qualified faculty.
  2. Strengthen and support faculty scholarship.
  3. Maintain a relevant and current undergraduate business program.
  4. Maintain a relevant and current MBA program.
  5. Expand student support services related to outreach, recruitment, advising, and
    professional development.
  6. lncrease student graduation rates.
  7. Build and strengthen relation with the business community.

Initiatives to support each of these strategic goals and progress made to date toward these goals are contained in the main body of the report. Also included for each initiative are key performance indicators, action items, champions, outcomes, target dates and sources of funding.