2012 CBA Assessment and Learning Assurance Workshop


Time Topic Speaker
(9:00-9:15) Assessment, the way to improve Dean Solt
(9:15-9:45) AACSB Assurance of Learning standards Robert Chi
(9:45-10:45) Assessment methodologies and Techniques Michelle S. Germain
(11:00-11:20) Case Study of IS301 Debbie McElroy
(11:20-11:40) Case Study of ACCT 310/320 Ping  Lin
(11:40-12:00) Case Study of MGMT 425 Sabine Reddy
(12:00-1:30) Case Study of MBA assessment Ingrid  Martin and David Horne

Total # of Participants: 38

Department Participating Faculty/Staff
Dean’s office Mike Solt
Omer Benli
Robert Chi
Margaret Williams
Accountancy Steve Fisher
Xuan Hang
Ping Lin
Praveen Sinha
Yuan Yin
Rod Smith
Information Systems Sophie Lee
Ying Liu
Michael Chung
Cloy “Mike” Walter
H. Michael Chung
Debbie McElroy
Thang Nguyen
Khosrow Moshirvaziri
Finance S.V. Le
Yulong Ma
Phil Thames
Cindy Chen
Chanwit Phengpis
Pia Gupta
Peter Ammermann
M/HRM Sabine Reddy
Mark Washburn
Ted Teweles
Dana McDaniel
Josh Arnold
Annette Lohman
Marketing Ingrid Martin
David Horne
Sayantani Mukherjee
Tianjiao Qiu
Hieu Nguyen
Terry Witkowski
Presenter Michelle St. Germain

2012 CBA Assessment Workshop Survey (20 collected)

Items Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Workshop Objectives were clearly stated 17 3      
Seminar activities facilitated learning 9 10 1    
Seminar activities facilitated idea sharing 11 8 1    
Seminar materials were relevant 11 8 1    
Length and depth of seminar was appropriate 9 7 4    
Overall satisfaction 8 10 1   1


  • A critical thinking assessment workshop is a great idea.
  • Session was primarily informational, but the majority of the audience was already familiar with the info.  If we must have such sessions, allow breakouts to specifically complete actual assessment tasks.

Your assessment of recent activities in CBA

Items Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
CBA Research Colloquia 13 3 2   2
CBA AACSB Web site 12 5 2   1
The idea of offering CBA Assessment workshop 12 5 2    
The idea of offering CBA Teaching workshop 15 3 2    
 The idea of offering monetary incentives for journal publications 10 4 4 2  
 The idea of developing more self-support MBA programs 9 5 2 1 3