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R/ST 312.  Intertestament Literature, Palestine History, and Early Christianity  (Dead Sea Scrolls)
Historical development of Jewish religion and culture in the second temple period from the rise of the Maccabees to the beginnings of Christianity with emphasis on the rise of the Jewish State, the coming of the Romans and the beginnings of primitive Christianity.  Also addressed:  Essenism, Phariseeism and Sadduceeism.


R/ST 376.  Christian Origins – Paul and James
Consideration of Christian origins in the first century and afterwards.
  In particular, consideration of the two factions in the early Church in Palestine, one following the Apostle to the Gentiles' and the other following the family line of Jesus in a native Palestinian messianic way.  Faith vs. works.

R/ST 331. Islamic Culture and Religion

The Koran, Muhammad and the rise of Islam as a cosmopolitan faith, The development of Muslim civilization, including literature, theology, philosophy and Sufism (mysticism).

R/ST 302. American Religious Diversity
Examines the religious and social aspects of the adaptation of various American subcultures to the polyglot mainstreams of American culture.

R/ST 315.  Modern Jewish Thought / Zionism
The development of Jewish thought from the enlightenment and emancipation from ghettos, through attempts at assimilation, the Holocaust and birth of the Jewish State.
  The development of conservative, reform and orthodox Judaism is also addressed.

R/ST 375. Historical Jesus

Historical reconstruction of the life and thought of the “founder” of Christianity in his contemporary cultural and political environment. Standard historical and religious-historical methods are introduced and applied to the preserved sources.

R/ST 311. Old Testament

  The Old Testament a s religious, historical and literary document with emphasis on the religion and culture of the early Hebrews. Selected books will be read each term. Emphasis will be on Genesis, Exodus, the early prophets, Isaiah. The period of the conquest and the divided monarchies are considered.

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